Popsicles and OCD Don't Always Mix Well

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I admit it.  I’m a little OCD and am not a fan of dirty, messy, sticky kids.  So giving them popsicles on a hot, humid day in Atlanta ranks up there with things I love to do.  Right.  But I know how much they absolutely love them and as long as the mess is contained to the great outdoors, I can deal with it.  Sort of.

Last weekend I made apple juice popsicles.  Sounds healthy right?  And maybe not quite as sticky. And definitely a clear, non-staining color.

I had bought some popsicle molds from Target and filled them with 100% juice and stuck them in the freezer for a few hours.  Simple.

They were a huge hit.  In fact they were such a big hit that we had a complete and total meltdown when Owen happened to finish his.  He didn’t quite understand that he ate it all.

Once we got through the meltdown, life was good again.  And thankfully, Ryan didn’t take it quite as hard as Owen did when his was finished.

Anyone have any good cleaning products for messy, sticky kids?!    What is your favorite summer time treat?

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  1. And THIS is why we are friends! I’ve had a seriously hard time giving Ava popsicles because they are so messy. You know what else works well? Clear Kool-Aid…not quite as healthy as juice, but it’s clear, and that worked for me!

  2. Oooh those are neat! A nicer version of ones I’ve seen before! We love popsicles too… and ice cream!

    By the way, I’m OCD about Play-Doh. It irks me when all the colors get meshed together!


  1. […] was a sticky red mess when they were through, but oh did they enjoy it!  And remember how my OCD and popsicle don’t mix well?  I can guarantee you that it wasn’t my idea (daddy) to put bright red fruit punch in the […]

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