As the Weekend Winds Down

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What a great weekend it was.  Friday night (after a 3 day work trip) I fell asleep snuggling with Ryan at 7:30pm.  Came downstairs around 8:30pm and proceeded to immediately fall asleep on the couch.  Got up around 9:30pm and went to bed for the night.  Pathetic, yes.

Saturday we had some fun in the backyard while daddy mowed the lawn and did yard work.  He then moved the mower across the street and did our neighbors yard since they are still living in San Diego.  I’m not sure their yard had been mowed yet this year so it took daddy several hours, one trip to Home Depot for more landscaping bags and a trip to the gas station for more gas for the mower.  After filling 3 landscaping bags with the grass clippings and edging their yard, it looks wonderful!  Your welcome Kevin 😉

Mommy and the boys ran some errands to the post office, Costco and Publix.  We had one major meltdown from Ryan when he decided to dart out from behind the van as a car was coming around the corner.  Mommy almost had a heart attack and grabbed him very quickly causing him to drop his chapstick.  He cried and screamed at the top of his lungs because I refused to let him pick it up (to prove a point that he should have listened and not dart out in front of a car).  Wow.  That was not a good idea.  I of course grabbed it when he wasn’t looking, but him thinking we left it behind was possibly the most horrible thing that happened to the kid in a long time.  Owen couldn’t stop staring at him as he screamed.   Boy was it loud.  Did you hear him?  It doesn’t really matter where you live in comparison to Georgia, I’m pretty sure you could have heard him if you listened hard enough.

When he finally calmed down I explained to him how dangerous that was what he did.  And of course, I showed him that I did pick up the chapstick.  He just looked at me and said “Oh!  Tank you momma.  I sorry.”  Wow.  Melt my heart.

And at each stop I checked in via Foursquare.  Any of you use this application?  It’s kind of pointless, but lots of fun.  It’s neat to see who is at the same location as you.  If you’re using it, look me up!

Then after Saturday afternoon naps for the boys we hosted a little BBQ at our house.  Some friends from Alpharetta who have a little guy, Pace who is a few weeks younger than Owen.  And another family in our neighborhood who have a little 4.5 month old baby, John.  So fun!!  A house of boys, no tears and fruit punch popsicles.  What could be more fun than that?!

Today we did more yard work and mommy decided to dig out our six bushes that had become diseased.  Sounds easier than you think, but let me tell you it was far from easy.  Every muscle in my body hurts tonight as I type this.  Then after cheeseburgers on the grill for dinner mommy decided to climb the hill and do more weeding.  Seriously!  What is wrong with me?!

So two showers later (one after my morning dig and one after my evening weeding); two boys in bed; a tired dog from golfing; and sore muscles, this momma is going to bed early!  Not like Friday night early, but still early none-the-less.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like we had the same scary experience this weekend!

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