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I know I’ve been MIA this week.  I’ve been traveling for a work conference and haven’t had much free time to blog, connect and engage with everyone.  But I’m back now and trying to catch up on this hot and humid Friday afternoon.

So instead of a Feature Friday where I pick a blog to talk about, I’m giving you all the opportunity to a Feature Yourself Friday post.  Leave a comment with a little blurb about what your blog is about and why others should visit you.  I can’t wait to check all the blogs out myself so start posting!

And now I’m off to Home Depot for supplies to hopefully save my poor little fruit producing peach tree that somehow toppled over in some storms we had while I was away.  I’m so bummed over the whole thing and hope I can save the little tree… wish me luck!

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  1. How fun!

    I write June Cleaver Nirvana about my life with my three boys. I think the post that best describes what my life is all about is my fierce beaver trapping post: http://www.junecleavernirvana.com/2010/03/in-these-here-parts-holly-is-known-as-fierce-trapper-2/

    Crazy things just seem to happen to entertain me…which is great. I also love photography and hanging out in the blogging world.

    Thanks so much…this is great. I am checking out the ones above me!

  2. Hi – My name is Sarah. My blog is about my adoption story as well as my journey back to Romania, and the continual fundraising efforts we are doing. I chose to have a blog as a place where I could really chronicle my adoption journey and what i has been like for me to be reunited with my biological family after 19 years.

    My blog is: http://www.thejourneyofalittlegirl.blogspot.com

    Brilliant Idea! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

    ~ Sarah

  3. Hi! My name is Jenn, and my blog is called “Home is Where You Start From”- I blog about our family life and about homeschooling 5 kids. On Saturdays and Sundays I host a photo meme/challenge called “The LEarning Never Stops” each week we have a different theme, this week it is “colors”, I’d love to have more people join up.

    I love to write, and I love making new blog friends, please stop by!

  4. Following you from Frog Blog – saw your post on the community forum “Make New Friends Here!”
    I invite you to come visit & follow my blog back 🙂

  5. My blog is a way for me to concentrate on my creative interests. I have been a student for so long that it is hard to find time to work on my creative pursuits, so the blog really helps with that! I will be graduating university soon so will be transitioning a bit. I am also turning 30 this month and doing a bunch of posts related to ageing, milestones, etc. I am doing 30 giveaways to celebrate this month!

  6. Fantastic idea! I found you through the Theta Mom Community! Thanks for posting this. My name is Beth and I am a mom to one amazing little boy and that is pretty much what my blog is about. I’m currently trying to get in shape, training for my first 5k that is next week, and looking for a teaching job. I mostly post about every days ins and outs and lots of pictures of our adventures!

  7. I’m just a mommy blogger that blogs about my two girls, 5 months, and 3 years. I’m in nursing school and never have a dull moment in my life!


  8. Thanks for the opportunity. I will be visiting some of the blogs in your comments. They sound great.

    My blog is about our life living in a house in the woods. I offer lots of easy recipe ideas, shade gardening tips, and ways to decorate with flowers. I am also a Sixth Grade teacher, and I recommend an accelerated book each week.


    I am also a member of Blogfrog, and I invite you to join my community.

  9. Hi,
    My site offers kids activities, recipes, crafts, free printables and more. We added toddler travel as well. I am a former elementary teacher, now a sahm to twin girls who are the inspiration for my website.

    The idea behind all of our activities is that children can learn through play…so start the learning process now!


  10. Actually – I have three blogs:-)

    Libby’s Library News:
    Book and Product Reviews and Giveaways

    Neas Nuttiness:
    Nincompoopery and Nonsence

    A Tail Of Two Doggiew
    Where my dogs blog! LOL

    Come on by and visit any or all of my blogs.
    I’d love to have you drop by!

  11. What a cool idea! Love it!

    My blog is nothing fancy. It is simply where I share our life as a military family living in Japan. Stop by and take a peak at Our Imperfect Life.

  12. Great idea! I am a new mom who writes all about the adventures that come with being a stay at home mom; the good, the bad, and the funny. I am also a military wife and I write about the challenges that come with that role as well. I love to share with others who are also on this (crazy) journey!


  13. This is indeed a wonderful idea
    My name is Aysha and my blog is called Wonderful Gifts for Wonderful People and can be found at http://www.addmorecolor-gift-ideas.blogspot.com

    I talk about some nice gift ideas that would suit all occasions or an upcoming event. I also use this as an opportunity to present some of my own creations at my Zazzle store AddMoreColor. You would also find some links to sites that I believe could help you decide on a great gift for your loved one.

    Hope you would check it out and also check out AddMoreColor.


  14. Hi, I have enjoyed reading about other’s blogs and will have to visit them! My blog is dedicated to my Scentsy business. If you love scented candles, check it out! Soon, I will start making posts about the adventures I have had in Direct Sales! http://www.quitthewick.com

  15. Hi! I’m Elizabeth and I write The Foodie Mommy at http://www.foodymommy.blogspot.com. When you visit my blog you will find recipes, tips, video demonstrations, product reviews, live web classes, fun ideas and more! The basic goal that I have in writing my blog is helping families increase their vegetable intake, prepare healthier meals, and spend more time together cooking and around the table! I hope you will check it out!

  16. Hello! My blog, Little Brick Cottage, is brand new. I love, love, love to read blogs so I decided to start my own. Little Brick Cottage will feature recipes, cottage ANYTHING, ideas from my kindergarten class, tips on being frugal, and funny things that happen in my life. I will have tips for teachers on Smartboard plans and some technology tips that can be used in the classroom. You will see lots of my goof-ups …for example, forgetting to put the paddle in my bread machine and coming back an hour later to a lumpy mess. 🙂 This is a great idea! I can’t wait to read everyone’s comments.

  17. Hello! Such an awsome idea!!! My blog: Logic and Imagination~Southern Style~ has varied subjects ranging from current events, movie reviews, grandchildren, my life adventures, weather…etc. I have been writing since I was 16 (long long ago…) and have discovered that Blogging is the best thing on the planet! I love to write though, so for me it is just wonderful.

    Basically I use logic/imagination throughout my writing and being from the South (Louisiana) it has a bit of a Southern Style.

  18. Our blog for our baby “Lebua” we will keep this blog for her when she grow up can read and write it will be her blog, she will know how hard to be mom and dad and how cute she is.

    it all about our family life as our blog name change to be “Quality Time”

  19. I’m a mom who is learning to be a better photographer with a point-and-shoot camera and free photo editing software in a DSLR and Photoshop world. I blog about photography and a little about my family. I offer tutorials using free photo editing software and tutorials for point-and-shoot camera users.

  20. Hey there! I found you from TMC and this is a great idea! My blog is The Planet Pink and it’s about our adventures raising 4 girls. From potty training trials to examination of my psyche, it’s all there!

  21. My blog (Better in Bulk) is all about life with a big family (I’ve got five kids!) ….and my love for photography and sweet things. I do photography tutorials, memes, and the occasional giveaway of really cool stuff. Just last weekend, I spoke at a blogging conference, and realize that teaching is another passion of mine that I would love to get back into!


  22. Great idea! I’ve also been away and have yet to do your Feature Friday. It’s coming.

    My blog is A Beautiful Mess: Project Alicia, dedicated to showcase photos, recipes, and the occasional rant.


  23. I blog about my adventures and misadventures in the public school classroom as a special education teacher! There’s never a dull moment….

  24. My blog is mostly humorous vignettes about my life. I am the only person like me that I have ever met, so I started my blog as a way to showcase my, er, unique talents. I have a red-headed son and husband, two cats and a dead plant which feature frequently.

  25. My blog “Love Imagine Create” is about my personal development, spirituality, relationships, and life. I like to share my thoughts, paintings, and pictures in my posts. Overall, it’s meant to be a space where I can share my challenges and joys. I have found that it has become a place of deep connection for me and my readers. Anyone and everyone is welcome. At the end of the day I hope it inspires both myself and a few others.

  26. My blog is called papoe, which is my daughter’s word for peek-a-boo. Papoe is about my life as a wife and mother. I have two young girls (Aja and Jocelyn) under two that are mixed (I’m white, my husband is black). I talk about everything from the fact that my youngest was a preemie, how I struggle with Jocelyn’s crazy curly hair, and how to prepare them and myself for the world outside of our little bubble of a home.

  27. My blog covers everyday issues that parents face. I have started to included quest blogs from moms starting new businesses online. I have a weekly recipe feature and lots of other helpful articles for families. You can visit me at http://www.buddy-notes.blogspot.com. Thanks!

  28. My blog is about the love of my wife and 4 C’s, from a fathers view. Im rough, dirty, foul mouthed and honest. I post everyday about something that has happened in our home or life as it involves our children. My wife had her blog and she got me into blogging and I am now addicted to it.

    Family, friends, some food, alot of fun. I think my blog may let some people get an escape from the normal and read some crazy stuff. I spell things wrong…alot, don’t mind if you make fun of me and leave me mean comments..as long as they are not without names.

    Our family lives just west of Atlanta so check me out and have fun and enjoy

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