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Fun in a Basket for Wordless Wednesday

. Countless hours of fun with a purple basket on clearance from Target.  Worth the entire $4.88 even if it’s never used again.

What Me?!?

.Parents magazine is conducting a cutest kid in a hat contest and I of course had to submit our little man.  You can vote daily until July 4, 2010 and I encourage you to do so.  The winner of the contest takes home $250 cash.  This prize would be well spent toward our CedarWorks playaround […]

Out of Control Garden

. As the season moves forward and my garden continues to grow, I have definitely learned some valuable tips & tricks for next year.  For today’s Tuesday Ten I will share some of my insight with you. I will not grow beans again.  They have taken over the garden and have wrapped their spiny little […]

Tomato Thief

.We’ve been nurturing and tending to our garden all Spring.  We’ve (meaning I) have spent countless hours watering it, weeding it and watching it grow.  We’ve enjoyed some peas and cucumbers already and are anxious for the sweet corn, beans and peppers and tomatoes to be ready to eat. The tomatoes have been growing like […]

Does It Get Better in Time?

.It’s been twenty years since my dad died and in some ways it feels like yesterday.  In other ways it feels like an eternity ago.  Everyone always told me “it will get better in time”, but does it?  I really don’t think it does.  It just gets different.  Not better and not necessarily worse, just […]

A Boy and His Trucks

.It doesn’t matter how big or small the boy is they definitely love their trucks!  And the bigger the truck the better.  And if it is a tractor trailer truck…. even better! In Atlanta there are always a million (slight exaggeration) tractor trailer trucks on the freeways and the boys love it.  With each and […]

Pitter Patter

.There is nothing like the sound of the pitter patter of bare summer feet on the hardwood floors.  I love it!  And it’s these twenty toes that I hear from morning to night running through our house. Don’t you just want to tickle them?!  They are so cute!  Well, when they are clean that is….

Welcome Home!

. This is the new home of Raising Two Boys One Day at a Time or as I now am calling it Typical Suburban Family. I promise this is the last move.  I know you just updated all of your subscriptions and RSS feeds 7 months or so ago when I moved from blogger to […]

Learning Something New Everyday

.My blog has definitely progressed over the last year and a half.  I started at blogger and a year later I moved over to  Now I want to switch to my own self hosted WordPress URL.  I purchased my URL a few weeks ago, I know who my hosting site will be and I […]

Father's Day Celebration

.How did you celebrate Father’s Day? In our house we let daddy sleep in until about 7:30am, made him french toast and scrambled eggs, and then let him enjoy his cup of coffee in semi-quiet.  The emphasis is on semi.  The boys then gave daddy a biscuit joiner as his father’s day gift.  Yes, I […]

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