He Got Smarter Overnight!

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I can’t believe it’s already been a week and I haven’t updated everyone on Owen’s last eye appointment.  The morning started like any other.  We were casually getting dressed and motivated for the day (I work from home on Friday so without a 45-60 minute commute we have some extra time) when out of nowhere I remembered that Owen had an eye appointment.  At 8:05am!!  Dang.  On the other side of Atlanta!!  Dang again.  And it was thunderstorming!!  Dang yet again!

Since you know all about how people drive in Atlanta (here), you know I was freaking out.  I grabbed Owen, an Oatmeal to Go, and off we went in the pouring rain.  Luckily daddy hadn’t left for work yet because he had to bring Ryan to Woodchase Academy to save us a few extra minutes.

We got there only about 10 minutes late, but thankfully because of the rain everyone else was late too.  We were seen rather quickly and after some examination they decided to dilate his eyes again just to see if they missed something before in regard to why the surgery didn’t work 100% and why Owen was still having issues.

Everything looked great and Dr. Lipsky said his eyes are very healthy and his vision is great.  They aren’t ready to do another surgery so instead he wants us to try glasses. Dr. Lipsky thinks it may be a focus issue and wants Owen to wear them for 9 weeks or so and we’ll have another follow up appointment.  If the eyes improve we’ll continue with the glasses.  If they do not improve at all we’ll discuss further surgery.  Dang you strabismus!

So far Owen is handling his glasses with no problem.  He keeps them on throughout the day/evening and doesn’t seem to mind them at all.  If they happen to come off he will bring them to you and say “Elp.  Peeze.” (translated means help please) and want you to put them back on.

He looks absolutely adorable in them and seriously looks like he got smarter overnight.  Since he often times has a serious look on his face, when you add the glasses to the equation, he looks like a little genius!  Oh, wait!  He is a little genius!!

Ryan has been begging to wear Owen’s glasses.  Every now and again from the other room I’ll hear the following conversation:

Ryan (while nodding his head up and down):  “O-wee.  You want this?  Yeeeeessssss?  You want this?”
Owen:  “Yes.”
Ryan:  “Yes?  You want this?”
Owen:  “Yes.”
Ryan (handing the toy to Owen):  “Ok.  Here you go.  Now give me your glasses.”
Owen: “NOOOOO!!!!”

Aaaaahhhhh…. brotherly love.  Our little Ryan is quite the persuader.  I think he’s going to be a lawyer.  Or maybe a sales person.  He already has some great tactics and can convince his brother of a lot of things.  But apparently he can’t convince him to hand over the new glasses.

Do any of you have kids with strabismus or know anyone who does?  I’d love to hear some (positive) success stories!  For instance, was surgery successful in your case?  Did you go through multiple surgeries?  How long were glasses worn?  Any advice to share?

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  1. He looks great in those glasses! Too funny about your other son trying to talk him into giving him his glasses.

    My daughter has strabismus (accommodative esotropia, to be exact). She started out with just glasses at 14 months, but her eyes continued to cross, and got worse. After 6 months in glasses, we decided to try surgery. It’s been nearly 2 years now since the surgery, and she still needs glasses for farsightedness. Her eyes cross very slightly without glasses, and are pretty much straight with glasses. Best of all, at her last exam in Dec, she was beginning to see in 3-d (she had previously failed all of the stereoscopic vision tests). So for us, the combination of surgery and glasses has been successful, though I know that there’s still a high chance of kids needing a second surgery.

  2. My son has strabismus. His pediatrician noticed it when he was nine-months old and sent us to an ophthalmologist who sent us to a retina specialist. Apparently his retina was torn when he was born. The retina specialist reattached his retina, he had to start wearing prescription glasses, and we had to patch his good eye so many hours a day to “strengthen” the weaker eye.

    The ophthalmologist told us that it was hard to determine my son’s eyesight at his age. Finally, at age five she determined that he was legally blind in that eye. She said that he probably sees shadows at most. He still wears glasses, but no longer prescription. The doctor wanted us to protect his strong eye (20/20 vision) with glasses and goggles when playing sports. She has given us the info about surgery, which would only straighten his eye, but wouldn’t improve his vision. Two years later, we’re still “thinking” about it. I think we’re just scared it would be for cosmetic reasons and not for medical purposes. Some family members have tried to “push” us to do the surgery because they don’t want him to get “made fun of”, but his eye is only “slightly” crossed and doesn’t bother me or my husband.

    People always ask me how I feel about his lack of vision and I tell them that he’s been the same since birth…so he doesn’t know what it is to see out of both eyes. Besides, that child can see itty bitty things that I can’t even see with two eyes!

    P.S. Your son looks adorable! AND my younger daughter always asks me “Mommy, why can’t I have glasses like Chase.” 🙂

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