Feature Friday – A Little Girl & Her Purple Cat

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Feature Friday time again!  Where do the weeks go?  Seriously!  It’s been another busy in our house.  We made a day trip to Big Canoe, GA; we discovered veggies growing in our garden; Owen got glasses; designed some business cards, marketing cards & stickers for a client; designed my own ad for a magazine and of course, I’ve blogged.

The blog I am featuring today is one that actually prompted me to start blogging myself.  I’m not even sure if Dee realizes that, but it was almost two years ago when we were emailing back and forth and she told me about the blog she started.  She was telling me how great it was to be able to share stories, photos and their life with family and friends that they didn’t see on a regular basis.  Then she said how she thought I would really enjoy it and it would be great for me as well since I’m so many states away from my hometown, family and friends.

I thought about it for a few hours and thought, why not?  So I started my blog!  I had no idea what to write, who would read it or how long I would keep it up.   My very first blog post can be found here.  Keep in mind I started on blogger so this was imported to WordPress from my original blog.

And here I am over a year and a half later still blogging and loving it!  So even if you didn’t know it, thank you Dee.  I owe you for prompting me to start my blog.

Dee is the author of A Little Girl & Her Purple Cat. She has a great writing style and shares some of the cutest pictures ever.  She loves to clean and organize; she gardens and she’s such a great mommy!  I’m sure you’ll have a lot in common with her.  Go take a look, leave her a comment and tell her I said hello!

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  1. ps I’m so confused on how to follow you through Google. I added your site to my google reader to follow but then it gave me an option to follow in google reader?? I’m feeling pretty lame right now. =)

  2. Love your conversations with a 3 year old post! made me smile because it is so true! =)

    stopping by from mom loop…your newest follower!

    stop by: http://activitymom.blogspot.com

  3. What a cool way to honor someone who has inspired you! I am going to go check out her blog now.

  4. Ah, Jean, I’m so honored! I had NO idea that I helped you get started. That makes me so happy! Thank you for kicking my long weekend off to such a great start!!

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