Seven Things That Make Me Grumpy!

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I’m so excited to participate in my first meme.  The funny thing is that this last two weeks have been so insanely busy and all I could think about today was how I was not going to do anything tonight. I wanted to sit and watch television and go to bed early.  No designs, no cleaning, no email and no blog posting.  But then I was tagged by The Busy Peppermill on this meme and I couldn’t wait to sit down and write my post!  Oh, and I’m also working on a memory book design for someone in between checking and sending emails.  So I guess I’m 3 for 4 in not following through with my evening plans.  But I promise… no cleaning!  That will need to wait until tomorrow.

So, here goes…. The seven things that make me grumpy!

1.  New toilet paper role sitting on TOP of empty toilet paper role.  Seriously.  This bugs me so much.  If you go through the effort of getting the new toilet paper role, just switch it.  Don’t leave the new one sitting next to or on top of the old empty one.

2.  Stupid people.  You know the ones. Socially awkward, cheap and don’t forget selfish.

3.  Having to buy new socks and underwear.  I feel like it’s such a waste of money because these items are not really seen, but yet they cost a small fortune (well small fortune realitive to the item).

4.  A messy kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong ours is messy and cluttery most days, but believe me when I say I get grumpy every time I walk into it.

5.  The alarm clock in the morning.  I very much dislike it for making me grumpy first thing every day at 6am.  At least give me until 7am.

6.  Not being able to see our long distant family and friends more.  I love family/friend time and hate that we don’t get to Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Colorado more.  If only we were rich and could afford to travel more with two little kids.

7.  Last but not least, the 7th thing that makes me grumpy is not winning the lotto.  This makes me grumpy because I already have my mental list of everything I would do with the winnings.  And I promise I’d do good with it.  It would just be nice to win.  And I promise if I win once I will never, ever again ask to win again.  I promise.  Feel free to test me on this one… go ahead, I dare you 😉

Hope you enjoyed my list and now I’m tagging a few people of my own…..

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I hope you will all participate!! I look forward to reading your posts….

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  1. Hi Jean,

    Love the list. 🙂 I’m so glad you chose to participate. I have to tell you your #1 is a big source of contention in my house. It drives me bonkers. Your number 2 is hysterical. I always tell my husband that I am allergic to stupid people. I have, unfortunately, no tolerance for them but somehow always find myself encountering them more and more. UGH :0) He says its God’s way of telling me to chill out. I somehow don’t agree with that. But then he is the one leaving the toilet paper on top of the empty roll so…. LOL Can’t wait to read more of your stuff. See you on BF.


    • Thanks for tagging me! I definitely enjoyed participating in this and look forward to reading more of your posts. Love your blog! Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. I may just have to participate in this one! This week has been a CRAZY one for me too. Between a birthday party and a photo shoot and a sick old dog and all kinds of unseasonably warm weather, I’m beat and GRUMPY. This may the therapy I need. Good old blog therapy! Thanks for tagging me!

    • It’s definitely good blog therapy. And the funny thing was that when I actually sat down to write it, the things that made me grumpy at the moment didn’t seem quite as bad when I was about to type them out.

  3. Your grumpy list made me smile. Seriously, I can so relate to most of those. Definitely the tp. And I purposefully don’t use an alarm clock for that very reason.

    Thanks for the tag. I’m going to have to do it this weekend though if that’s alright or even early next week. (Even though it kinda goes with my Friday Flip Off theme too…)

    No, I think it should have it’s very own post. So, be patient. I have a busy weekend but I’ll get to it. K?

    I understand having a night not go as planned too. I’d really like to have a clean house, be sitting in a hot bubble bath watching my favorite movie. No, I don’t have a tv in my bathroom.

    • I look forward to reading yours whenever you get to writing it. I hope you enjoy your long, holiday weekend! I know I’m looking forward to some extra time off with family.

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