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I know I say this every week, but how can it be Tuesday already?!  Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was Friday today.  I wish this every week on Tuesday.  And Monday and Wednesday too.  By Thursday I can already see Friday approaching so I’m fine with Thursday.  It’s just Monday through Wednesday that I try to avoid.

But at least today I have Tuesday Ten to look forward to.  And this week, I’m going to tell you my all time favorite movies.  Please feel free to share yours as well.  Post your own Tuesday Ten (same topic as mine or make up your own!) and link up through the Linky tool at the bottom of the post.  As always this list is in no particular order.  Well, except that Serendipity is my all time favorite movie so that had to be number one!

1.  Serendipity
2.  Pretty Woman
3.  Cutting Edge
4.  My Best Friend’s Wedding
5.  The Wedding Planner
6.  Toy Story
7.  How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
8.  Dumb and Dumber
9.  13 Going on 30
10.  Legally Blonde

Those are ten of the movies I could (and have) watched over and over again.  I admit, I’m a sucker for feel good chick flick movies.  I’m a girl and I’m allowed.  I also enjoy a good comedy as well.  But when it comes to the Sci-Fi or violent, dark movies you can count me out.  I’m sure there are some good ones out there and I know I’ve seen a few of them (and enjoyed them actually), but in general they just don’t make it to my Netflix queue.  Which is probably why the hubby tries to keep the password away from me.  Just because one time and only one time I might add, I edited the queue so that Sex and the City series and the Friends series consumed the top 25 in the queue.

I’m just saying.  Would that make you change the password for Netflix?  I think not.  And still, over a year later those DVDs have still not arrived.  But funny thing.  We receive two or so movies a week; just not Sex and the City or Friends.  Oh what I would do to own either of those series on DVD.  I would watch them over and over and over and over……

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  1. Love your list…many of those would be on my top 10 too! Have you ever seen Just Friends? If not, I recommend it!

  2. love those movies – especially how to loose a guy in 10 days

  3. Great list!!!
    I’d add the Notebook to it too. =) I’m a sucker for a good love story

  4. Crap I didn’t realize I was logged in with the private account, my bad. This is the proper me! lol.

  5. hah, sorry, I’m with your husband on this one! I’d have changed the password and continue randomly changing it to make sure you didn’t find out! lmao. Friends is OK enough I suppose, but I wouldn’t touch Sex & the City with a 10 foot pole! ;P

    Let’s see, since it’s now Weds I won’t bother to make a Tues Ten post =P, so I will make a list here for you. In no particular order:
    The Crow
    Night of the Living Dead
    Empire Records
    Bad Boys
    Passenger 57
    Under Seige


  6. I just came over from Rudy Rukus community…and I have to admit that I too am a full grown woman who loves Toy Story.


    I said it.

    Now I feel better! 😉

    • Haha! That’s awesome! I am lucky because it’s also the favorite movie of my two boys. At least when they beg to watch it over and over I don’t mind it being on repeat 🙂

  7. Hi. I am actually in Griffin, GA its about 45 min South of the ATL airport. I love the movies you listed, but here are a few I would watch over & over:

    Pride & Prejudice

    Anne of Green Gables

    The Proposal

    Its a Wonderful Life

    North & South (BBC)

    The Lake House

    The Notebook

    Blind Side

    An Affair to Remember

    Calamity Jane

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