Conversations with a 3 Year Old

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I used to be surprised with some of our conversations between me and Ryan.  But over time, nothing shocks me anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, they still make me smile and laugh to myself, but they don’t floor me like they once did.  For instance….

Mommy:  “Ryan, how are you liking your new big boy room at school?”
Ryan:  “It’s perfectly fine momma.”
Mommy:  “Oh really?!  Perfectly fine?  Where did you learn a word like ‘perfectly’?”
Ryan:  “In my big boy room at school momma.” (add a completely annoyed look like which basically says how could you not know that?)
Mommy:  “Oh.  Alright.  Well, good for you Ryan.”

And later that night after a few more random conversations with Ryan….

Mommy:  “Ryan, when did you grow up on me?”
Ryan:  “I didn’t grow up mommy.  I’m right here.”
Mommy:  “I know you’re right there Ryan, but you act like at least an 8 year old.  Not a 3 year old.”
Ryan:  “Oh.  Well that’s because I’m really tall now.  See?  My jammies don’t reach my feet anymore. I’m SUPER tall.”
Mommy:  “I love you Ryan.”
Ryan:  “I know momma.  I love you too.”

Our little Ryan is definitely a talker.  He wakes up taking and he goes to bed talking.  He doesn’t stop at all (I’m not kidding) throughout the day.  He talks to anyone who will listen.  And if nobody is listening than he just talks out loud to nobody.  He talks to little brother Owen (and bosses him around); he talks to Delta (the dog); and he talks to his toys, the plants, his shoes and well just about anything.  Or nothing.  Whichever.  It doesn’t matter much to him.

He questions every single thing.  He tells you everything he does at the moment he does it.  He is simply amazing.  Our little chatterbox.

Is it a sibling order thing?  Is it a hereditary thing (from his father of course!)?  Or do we just have a chatterbox on our hands?

What is your opinion?

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  1. Kathy K says:

    Funny, I have a son who is 3, his name is Ryan, he is quite the chatterbox(from Daddy for sure,) and is so wise beyond his years that it is scary sometimes!

    I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Thanks for the chance to win the M & D beach/sand toys! BTW, I found you through the site in the “community” section.

  2. *LOL* I think you have a chatter box. My 3 year old talks but not incessantly. It’s more like our 6 year old that’s the chatterbox in the house. (I don’t recall her being overly chatty at 3).

  3. hahaha, I love conversations with kids around that age, and listening to them talk to others around the same age, it’s so funny. ;D

  4. Jean, The talking thing is really not from his father, who did not talk non-stop. However, the acting like an 8 year old while only 3 is definitely from his father. Jim surprised me on more than one occasion with the reasoning ability years above his age. The love of Legos also comes from his father! Jim had hundreds of the little bricks and could build just about anything he set his mind to!

    • And daddy is so excited to be able to purchase big boy legos rather than the duplos. He is anxious to get back to building!! Ryan is definitely a kid who can reason. Especially when it comes to reasoning with his little brother. He can convince Owen to do (or give up) just about anything. So cute!

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