Playgrounds Are NO Fun!

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Or at least that is what you would think by the expression on the little guys face.  Seriously, he would not crack a smile.

It’s hard to believe that he absolutely loves playgrounds and everything that you can find there.  Even at the quietest mention of slide, swing, playground or climb the kid goes crazy.  He starts jumping up and down exclaiming “Yah!  Side!”

(side note: side = slide in Owen’s language)

And if you make mention of any of the above words you better be ready to leave immediately for the playground.  Owen will go find his shoes and stand at the door and wait very patiently for you to come and put them on him and head out the door for some fun.

But don’t be fooled by the straight faced boy featured above.  I guess to Owen, a playground is all business.  There is no room for fun or excitement when someone takes this task on as his job. And I guess I have to give him credit for giving his all to not mix work and pleasure.

If you’re lucky though you may catch him in a moment when he lets his guard down and gives a silly face.

Take some time today to enjoy the little moments and give a silly smile.  What did you do for fun this weekend?

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  1. LOL! Maybe he didnt want to ruin the moment on the swing by stopping and smiling for the camera. you know the swing is some serious stuff 😉
    My kids are at the age that they dont care as much for the play ground- but when they were younger they adored it- and when we went to leave that was an all out war!

  2. I love how serious he is about his swinging. My Mack(age 7) has the most serious expressions, it never looks like he’s having fun. Even when he’s having a great time, you can’t always tell by looking at him!

    • The funny thing is that he can be so funny and silly and always smiles. But then during moments like these he is all business and totally serious; doesn’t crack a smile. Such the goofball!

  3. the boys are too cute! This last weekend it rained here! I am south of ATL, surprised you didnt get much rain! We snuggled and watched movies. I made an “UnderDog” shirt for my son. He was thrilled!

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