Pajama Gardening?

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Seriously.  Who gardens in their pajamas?

The day started out normal just as any other weekend day does.  Some yummy omelets cooked by daddy; a hot cup of coffee; and outdoor playtime in pajamas before the morning dew has a chance to disappear.  Our feet were soaked from the damp grass and mommy just had the urge to go pull a weed from the hill.  There was just one that was bothering me amongst the thousands on the hillside.  I just had to get that one.

And that’s when it got interesting.  If you pull weeds when the ground is still damp they pull up much easier and the roots come up too.  Our backyard here in Georgia is normally ridiculously hard and clayish.  There are tons of rocks in the ground making it really difficult to have a flat smooth yard.  It’s been an ongoing process to keep this hill cleared of weeds this summer.  Plus our weeds tend to grown about a million times faster than our actual flowers, plants and vegetables making it that much more of a challenge.  In addition our root system for our weeds is ridiculous.  They are so intertwined and goes up and down and back and forth all across the hill.  It’s like a puzzle of roots up there.  We were finding root balls with many (thick) roots branching off in every direction.

So when I discovered that the roots were coming up so easily with the weeds, I went full force ahead on pulling them.  Daddy even came up the hill to help dig up some of the roots.  Maybe, just maybe if we can get the weeds by the roots we can eliminate some of the crazy fast growth up there. And since the sun was shining bright and starting to come over the top of the house our time was limited before the ground would be dry again and rock hard.  There was no time to go change in to appropriate gardening clothes so yes, I admit it.  I was weeding in flannel pajama bottoms, a t-shirt and flip-flops.

Quite the appropriate attire wouldn’t you agree??  And yes, your eyes are seeing correctly.  Those are indeed Christmas reindeer flannel pajama bottoms.  And yes, it is May in Atlanta.

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  1. Amen Sheila! I garden in my PJ’s sometimes too and my garden is in the front yard! 🙂

  2. Hey, I say….If you can’t garden in your jammies? When CAN ya garden? :o)

  3. I do some of my best gardening in my PJs. 🙂

    Just added your link to my Monday Garden Club!

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