Horrible, Rotten, No Good, SUPER Awesome Day!

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What?!  Did that say horrible, rotten, no good, super awesome day!?  By gosh it did!  But how?

It was one bad thing after another from the moment the alarm went off.   We overslept and were running late.  We were slightly crabby because of this which threw everyone of us into a bad mood.  We then got to school and Ryan and Owen were both starting new classrooms today at Woodchase Academy.   Owen’s drop off went just fine.  Well, that is after he threw an all out temper tantrum because I took away his matchbox car and said he couldn’t bring it into school.  After that incident he was fine going into his new classroom.

Ryan on the other hand…..   well, lets just say he wasn’t going in without a fight.  He absolutely clung on to me for dear life.  Every muscle in his body was tense and he was burying his head into my shoulder.  He refused to cooperate and flat out did not want to go into his new classroom.  I convinced him to walk around the room with me to look at all the cool art work that was featured on the walls.  We then went and checked out all the new super neat big kid toys in his new room.  And once we found the big boy Legos (not the Duplos) he was set and was ready to be a big boy.

But now mommy was running late and traffic in Atlanta is horrible.  Remember this post?  After what seemed like forever I finally got to work and started my day dealing with FSA, missing receipts and more nonsense.  I won’t get into all of the details of my not so fun day (I wouldn’t want to bore you all).   Lets just say it was a horrible, rotten day and it was only 10am.

But by mid-morning I was getting more and more confused though.  I was receiving a lot of comments on my blog and some random emails as well.  I decided to log in to my stats to see what was going on.  Much to my surprise I had several hundred more hits than I normally have!  And the numbers were going up as I was watching them!!

What was going on?!?

And then I received a comment saying “Congrats on being featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed page!”

Ah-ha!  I immediately went to the WordPress homepage and sure enough!  There was my blog.  Featured on the home page!  I was shocked and beyond excited!!

The best of 297,126  bloggers, 315,811 new posts, 413,977 comments, & 73,609,405 words today on WordPress.com.  And I was being featured!  Those are their stats…. and I’m just sayin’.

And if you’re wondering why I was selected you can read more from the WordPress.com’s Editorial Czar here.

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  1. Very exciting!!!
    Blogger has a “blogger of note” thing like this and I don’t know how people get selected but I’m secretly crossing my fingers that some day they will pick me!


  2. I guess there always is a silver lining! Congrats on the bloggy success! Very exciting!

  3. hi there, hop by by through the wordpress homepage of course! It is such an interesting stories about the 2 boys. Such adorable kids they are. I am a mom to a 1 year old and still learning all those tricks. Lucky now everything is in the internet so we can learn and share others experiences. Keep on writing:)

  4. How cool! I’d be excited too! Good for you!

  5. DUDE! SO Happy for you. This is a great read too btw. LIFE. Comical after the fact, right? Now I have to find out the WHY.


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