My Sickie

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How can you not just love on this poor, pathetic, sick little guy?

Well, I certainly couldn’t resist so I snuggled him all evening.  And the next morning he tested positive for strep.  Here’s hoping nobody else in the house gets it…. It’s bad enough when one gets sick, but when it makes the round through the house and everyone gets it one after the other.  That’s the worst!  Mainly because it drags out for a week or more and than the first one has caught something else and around we go again!

Does this only happen in our house or do you experience it in yours as well?

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  1. Ha! Does it happen at our house? Oh yeah! But lately we’ve been pretty healthy. *crossing my fingers*

    I hope he starts feeling better soon without any more illnesses!


  1. […] at the kitchen table peering over the top of it before we had a chance to clean it up.  Remember sickie?  Well we were a little preoccupied with him and Owen took advantage of that to finish off his […]

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