Leftovers Anyone?

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What do you think of when you think of leftovers?  Do you think of eating the same thing for lunch tomorrow that you had for dinner tonight?  Or maybe you think of re-purposing tonight’s dinner for a different meal tomorrow night?  For instance if you have rottiseri chicken tonight maybe you’ll make chicken salad for tomorrow.

Leftovers in our house means something entirely different.  According to Owen it means a snack for a little later.  If dinner was so good tonight why wait until tomorrow to have it again?  We busted him back at the kitchen table peering over the top of it before we had a chance to clean it up.  Remember sickie?  Well we were a little preoccupied with him and Owen took advantage of that to finish off his dinner and make a “happy bowl” for himself.

Busted Owen.  Busted. I know that’s your little blonde head poking over the table and bowl.

But seriously.  How cute is he?  And he was so proud when he finished his entire dinner.  He was sure to show us his “happy bowl”.  That’s what we refer to it as when our kiddos finish their entire meal.  A happy bowl.  A happy plate.  A happy cup.  You get the point, right?  We don’t necessarily reward it with treats or anything, but we do make a huge deal about it and offer a lot of positive recognition over it.  And every now and again, we do offer a special treat.

On the flip side of that though we don’t force them to finish their meals.  I may make them take 3 more bites of whatever it is, but I don’t ever force them to eat something.  And if they say they don’t like something on their plate, I ask them to at least try it and show me that they try it before they say they don’t like it.  It’s pretty funny though because you can really tell the look on their face if they truly don’t like it.  And if they’re fibbing you can tell that too.

How do you handle meal time in your house?  Do you make your kids finish their meals?  Do you reward them with special treats when they do?

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  1. I totally agree with not making them finish, and it’s worked out pretty well for mine (who are 11 and 16 now). One trick I learned early on, though, was to serve a portion to them that was appropriate for their size and age…I literally found myself serving everyone the same sized servings! Duh…..
    Stopped over from Friday Follow! Enjoyed your blog…

  2. I have never made my kids eat anything either, try it yes and if you dont like it then fine! I am following from Mom Loop Friday follow

  3. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    JDaniel loves having leftovers. It has been great to pass them to him when there is just a little left. I just subscribed. Stopping from Mom Loop!

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