Our Dog is Quite the Golfer

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Remember when I said I was addicted to the backyard (here)??  And if you’re a long time reader of our blog you’ll remember me saying last summer how addicted to golfing Delta was (here).  Well, I’ve mentioned it a few times since last summer, but I finally caught a snip-it of Ryan and Delta golfing in the backyard the other night.

Delta has improved her game since last summer and will actually fetch the wiffle ball golf ball, bring it back to you and then drop it in front of you in order to hit it again for her.  It’s quite the routine we have going at this point.  She knows that if she doesn’t bring it right to you than the chances of you hitting it again are slim to none.  And she doesn’t want to take that chance.

Delta isn’t the only one improving her game though.  Ryan has quite the swing on him this summer already.  He is going to be our little 3 year old golf pro.  When he tries he has good form, a good grip and hits the ball really well.  Before long him and daddy will be hitting the course together!  I cannot wait for that day.  Ryan will love it!  And so will daddy because it’ll give him an excuse and reason to golf more.

And now, I introduce my 3 year old and my pup golfing….

What are some of the fun things your children or pets enjoy doing that is out of the norm?

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