The Gardening Continues

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I know I’ve had my doubts about my gardening skills and I know I’ve expressed them to you all.  But I’m excited to report that the garden continues to thrive as of this weekend.  I make no promises day-to-day, but for right now I can happily tell you that I’m more and more hopeful that my gardening skills have improved.

The veggie plants are getting bigger and bigger every day.  And while the peaches don’t seem to have grown much in the last week, they are still on the tree and not dying.  That’s something to be proud of in my book!

I know a few of you have specifically asked about my little garden adventure and I promised you some updated photos to prove my skills…. enjoy!

There is even a photo or two in there of our backyard.  The pictures were taken from half way up the hill that happens to reside in our backyard.  I was hoping to give more of a perspective of how steep the hills is.  I always say it’s hard to see the actual steepness when taken from the bottom of the hill, but this gives you a better idea of how high it is when I stood up there and took the photo looking down/across to the back of the house.  Any ideas for what we could do with this crazy steep hill?!  I mean, other than golf up it?!

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  1. You’re garden is really coming along!! I love GA, I’m envious of the temps there, especially for growing peppers and eggplant! (We’re in VA)

    When you are terracing your hill, because it’s so steep, you’ll probably want to hire a professional contractor. That’s not something you’ll want to mess with on your own. In most places a retaining wall over 24″ requires a permit and engineering drawings (even certified landscape architects such as myself have to get an engineer to certify the construction drawings for retaining walls over 2 to 3 feet).

  2. We’re near Sheboygan on the east side of the state about 2 miles from the lake. We’re the lucky recipients of that ‘cooler near the lake’ weather. Even with the cool weather, we like it here. My mom lives in St. Paul, MN. What a small world!

    I was just reading your post about the peaches and was going to comment there but this is a good place too. This is the first year our peach tree will fruit (crossing my fingers) but my FIL has had good luck with his. He sprays them in the fall with a fungicide to prevent leaf curl and something else that is a fungus. I’m a little leery about spray but I’m sure there are some that don’t have a bunch of nasty chemicals in them. We pruned ours before the leaves started to bud. We cut it similar to an apple tree with the exception of topping it. My husband says (I’m asking him right now. lol.) that peaches only grow on the new wood, so be careful not to cut off too much new growth but enough to give the tree enough space. I think too that no two branches should be touching, they like a little breathing room. We also plan to pull off a bunch of the peaches once they form to make sure that we don’t overload the tree once the peaches plump up. I guess it’s all about trial and error. Hopefully more success and juicy peaches than error!

    • Very small world. And now the 20 degrees makes more sense…. haha! I actually have A LOT of family in Appleton and some in Milwaukee and have been that route through Sheboygan. Beautiful area. I’d love to someday move back to Minnesota. I’m sure the first winter there I would regret having said this, but there is nothing like the midwest.

      Ok, so we’re going to be in the peach tree ordeal together this year. We’ll definitely need to keep each other updated on the progress.

      It’s been so much fun so far with my first time garden and surprise peach tree. My boys love to help with it and beg to water it and will just walk over to see if it’s grown since the last time they looked. Yes, 5 minutes prior. They promise it has really grown ALOT since then too.

      I’m excited to follow your blog and hope you’ll subscribe to mine as well!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my Garden Monday! I’ll add this link to today’s garden update! So nice to see things growing in the ground. I can’t wait! Seeing those peaches is enough to make my mouth water! We have a peach tree in our yard that just started blossoming last week. Our climate is a little cool for peaches but if we keep them in a protected spot, they actually do pretty well, even for Wisconsin. My father in law had so many peaches on his trees last year that he had to use boards to prop up the droopy branches. They sure were delicious though!

    An idea for the hill? Hmm, what about a terraced garden or flowerbeds? It would be a lot of work but I think it would look great and be a neat use of an otherwise not very useful space. If that seems like too much work, just keeping it as a hill for the boys to roll down would be fun. I’m envious of your hill. the only hill we have in our yard is the mound for our septic system… not very interesting.

    • Where in Wisconsin are you?? I’m actually from WI too! I grew up in Superior, WI right on Lake Superior. I have family throughout the state and have at least driven through most every single city there! I also lived in Minneapolis, MN for many years. LOVE that area. There is nothing in comparison.

      I’m excited to hear you have some peach tree experience because that kind of happened on accident. Didn’t really think we’d get peaches and I have no idea how to care for it. Do I need to spray it? Cover it? Prune it?

  4. NICE!!!!!!!!!!! When feetoffthetable.blogspot gets her post up for today, you should add your post, it’s a gardening monday thing over there today.

    I can’t WAIT to get my stuff in the ground this year. But it was 20 degrees lat night! uhhhhh.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I just went and checked it out and left a comment with my post 🙂 Where do you live that it was 20 degrees??? In MAY?!??!?!

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