Milo's Day

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Since Milo became an outdoor cat a year ago the boys don’t get as much bonding time with him.  But lets be honest, Milo wasn’t exactly the bonding type even when he was indoors.  Lucy on the other hand was our friendly, center of attention, in the middle of everything family bonding cat.  We miss Lucy.

But this morning, Milo got some special attention.  The boys hugged him and loved on him and gave him lots of treats.  It was Milo’s day today.  And boy did the boys enjoy it!

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  1. […] It broke our hearts. We haven’t even told the boys yet. I have no idea what we’ll say to them and how they’ll react or if they’ll understand it.  They loved that cat of ours.  Remember the love they showed on Milo’s Day? […]

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