Tuesday Ten: Book Edition

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It’s Tuesday Ten time again!  Today, it’s our ten favorite books to read in the Yahres’ household…. please note that this list is in no particular order.  They are listed as they came to me.  And if you remember from last week’s Tuesday Ten post, your memory disappears when you have kids so you need to go with the thoughts as they come into your head.  So here they are….

1.  Duck in a Truck

2.  Cat in the Hat

3.  Do Like a Duck Does

4.  Bear Snores On

5.  Some Dog

6.  Go Dog Go

7.  How Many Trucks Does a Tow Truck Tow?

8.  Who Took the Farmer’s Hat

9.  Curious George Feeds the Animals

10.  Barnyard Dance (or any other Sandra Boynton book)

These are just a few of our favorites.  We read them just about every single day along with a handful of others that randomly appear in our stack of bedtime books.  Now that we’ve shared our favorites with you, what are some of your favorite books? Leave a comment or post your own Tuesday Ten on your blog!

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  1. Our two year old likes the Dr. Suess books, also. Last night she picked up “one fish two fish” and said “eggs and ham.” Right author, wrong book. She watches Curious George on PBS some mornings, so I might see if the library has that one. Lately we’ve beeen reading books like the original “Winnie the Pooh” collection and also a collection of “Frog and Toad” stories. You have a lovely day!Thanks for stopping by adaddyblog.com!

  2. Goodnight Moon seems to be one of Ava’s favorites! As well as Pat-a-Cake and Three Little Kittens nursery rhymes…

  3. Sandra Boynton books are some of our favs too!

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