Stoplight Debate

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Atlanta traffic is horrible.  There is no doubt about this statement.  I’m positive that everyone would agree with me if you’ve ever been here.  If it rains, the traffic is even worse.  If it snows, don’t even bother leaving your house (because yes, the traffic is just that bad).  Even if it’s sunny (which happens a lot) traffic is terrible because it shines in driver’s eyes.  There is just no winning when it comes to traffic.

And today was no exception to this horrible Atlanta traffic.  Not only was it raining (torrential downpour actually), but a stoplight was out of commission on my commute to the office.  And this is where the debate comes in.

When a stoplight blinks red in one direction and blinks yellow in the other direction how should this be treated?

As you could probably guess, what happened this morning was #3.  But I’m curious as to if you think number 1 or number 2 is the correct way to treat this situation.  What would you do in this situation?

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  1. Gillian says:

    I’ve never seen traffic lights that blink yellow/orange in one direction and red in the other (perhaps it’s different in different countries).

    If the traffic lights are not working, they blink orange in both directions and we treat it like a four way stop sign. Interesting enough, the traffic often seems to flow better that way when compared with the traffic lights actually working!

  2. My biggest pet peeve…when one direction of traffic is blinking yellow, it means to proceed with caution but do not treat it as a stop sign. It’s usually because the road with more traffic needs to keep moving, while the other road, which will have a blinking red, has to stop until traffic is clear. Atlanta drivers have NO CLUE how to drive….they slam on their brakes for blinking yellows or, as you said, just do whatever! The only time a stoplight is a four-way-stop is if the light is OFF or if both sides are blinking red.

    Hi Jean! 🙂 happy Wednesday.


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