Do I Have to Look Good?

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Over the weekend I was up on the hill weeding again.  This seems to becoming an every weekend task and while some may think it’s relaxing and therapeutic, I think it’s annoying and sharp.  Yes, sharp.  Most of the weeds up the hill have prickers on them and they hurt.  Granted I typically decide to weed at inappropriate moments so I’m not typically dressed in the correct attire.  For instance, just before we were heading to a birthday I decided to go and grab a few weeds.  I was dressed in shorts, flip flops and a tank top.  I did more than I anticipated and was sweaty and gross and had to re-shower, change my clothes and do my hair/makeup again.

Needless to say I end up with scratches across my arms and legs and dirt in my shoes.  It’s fun and a little more challenging this way.

One particular morning over the weekend I was weeding in shorts and t-shirt and called down to Ryan:

Mommy:  “Ryan can you please do me a favor?  Can you please go in the house and get mommy one of her hair bands?”
Ryan:  “Sure momma.  I can go get one for you.”
Mommy:  “Thanks Ryan.  But ONLY go straight to the bathroom and get a hair band and then come straight back out.  Ok?”
Ryan:  “Ok momma.  I be right back.”

Ryan loves to do favors.  He loves to help.  And he loves to be independent.  So by mommy sending him in the house by himself to do a favor and be a big help was right up his alley.  He was ecstatic.  A few minutes later Ryan comes back outside.

Ryan:  “Mommy.  Here you go.  I didn’t get your hair band.  I brought you a necklace and lipstick instead.  You need these.”
Mommy:  “Well thank you Ryan, but I thought mommy asked for just a hair band.”
Ryan:  “Oh sorry momma.  But you needed these.  Here put them on.  You look so pretty.  Yes you do.”
Mommy:  “Well thank you Ryan, but now can you go get me a hair band?  And just a hairband please.”
Ryan:  “Oh sure momma.  I be right back.”

And so there you have it.  I guess I do have to look good even when I weed the hill.  Funny thing is that most days I don’t even wear jewelry and lipstick.  But apparently I need to when I’m weeding.

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  1. That is hilarious! Who knew you had to be fashionable while weeding? Maybe Ryan’s on to something…

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