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He Got Smarter Overnight!

.I can’t believe it’s already been a week and I haven’t updated everyone on Owen’s last eye appointment.  The morning started like any other.  We were casually getting dressed and motivated for the day (I work from home on Friday so without a 45-60 minute commute we have some extra time) when out of nowhere […]

Feature Friday – A Little Girl & Her Purple Cat

. Feature Friday time again!  Where do the weeks go?  Seriously!  It’s been another busy in our house.  We made a day trip to Big Canoe, GA; we discovered veggies growing in our garden; Owen got glasses; designed some business cards, marketing cards & stickers for a client; designed my own ad for a magazine […]

Seven Things That Make Me Grumpy!

.I’m so excited to participate in my first meme.  The funny thing is that this last two weeks have been so insanely busy and all I could think about today was how I was not going to do anything tonight. I wanted to sit and watch television and go to bed early.  No designs, no […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Three Favorite Boys

. My serious little O-wee, fun loving daddy, and big helper Ryan.  How lucky and blessed I am to have such great little (and big) men in my life…. Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view the entire list of entered links…

Conversations with a 3 Year Old

.I used to be surprised with some of our conversations between me and Ryan.  But over time, nothing shocks me anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, they still make me smile and laugh to myself, but they don’t floor me like they once did.  For instance…. Mommy:  “Ryan, how are you liking your new big boy […]

Would You Change the Password?

. I know I say this every week, but how can it be Tuesday already?!  Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was Friday today.  I wish this every week on Tuesday.  And Monday and Wednesday too.  By Thursday I can already see Friday approaching so I’m fine with Thursday.  It’s just Monday through Wednesday […]

Playgrounds Are NO Fun!

.Or at least that is what you would think by the expression on the little guys face.  Seriously, he would not crack a smile. It’s hard to believe that he absolutely loves playgrounds and everything that you can find there.  Even at the quietest mention of slide, swing, playground or climb the kid goes crazy.  […]

Pajama Gardening?

.Seriously.  Who gardens in their pajamas? The day started out normal just as any other weekend day does.  Some yummy omelets cooked by daddy; a hot cup of coffee; and outdoor playtime in pajamas before the morning dew has a chance to disappear.  Our feet were soaked from the damp grass and mommy just had […]

Feet Off The Table

. Where did the week go?  How can it be Feature Friday time already?!  In the last week I have created my Feature Friday logo, visited hundreds of new blogs, been featured on WordPress Freshly Pressed (article here), planned and executed a Summer Kickoff party for a 300+ home neighborhood, designed some wedding invitations, worked […]

Ten Step Cleaning/Organizing Program

.Our house needs some help.  I need some help.  I feel like I’m 10 steps behind on cleaning and organizing and it’s starting to drive me nuts.  No, I promise I wasn’t nuts before.  Just now. Every day I think about all the projects I want to do and set out to do.  But, between […]

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