We Are Well Hydrated!

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Ryan has learned how to move the chair to the counter, get a plastic cup for him and Owen and then head over to the fridge to get ice and water out of the door dispenser.  This is a great help to mommy and daddy!  Rather than having two whiny boys wanting water & ice while we are trying to make dinner, we now have a big boy who can do it himself!

The first time he did it he had a huge smile on his face.  Mommy was so excited and exclaimed “Ryan!! I am SO proud of you!  You did it all by yourself without spilling any!!  That is awesome!”  Ryan just smiled his very proud smile.

The next time he did it it was for Owen.  He handed it to Owen with a big, proud smile and said “O-wee!  Are you so proud of me too?  I did it for you O-wee.  Are you proud?  I am.”   And what did O-wee do?  Well he gave his big brother a huge hug of course!

And when daddy walked in the door Ryan jumped off the couch and ran full force to the kitchen yelling “I’ll get you water and ice daddy!  All by myself I’ll get you some daddy!”  Poor daddy didn’t know what hit him with this new talent of Ryan’s.

Nobody will go thirsty in this house from here forward.  Ryan is sure to make sure that everyone always has a full cup of water with ice.  And if the ice melts?  Well, he dumps the water in the sink and gets you a fresh, new cup of water and ice.  Aaaaah…. this new talent and obsession will come in handy during the hot summer months here in Atlanta.

How can these boys just not make your day?!  What made your day today?

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