Ryan is a Smart Kid!

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Over the last few weeks Ryan has figured it out.  He has finally figured out how to be manipulative on purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s done it over the last few years, but didn’t necessarily realize he was doing it or he didn’t purposefully do it at that moment.

Now, he has it figured out.  And he’s using this new talent every chance he gets.

Last weekend while I was up the hill in the backyard weeding the conversation went something like this:

Mommy:  “Ryan and Owen, please do not come  up the hill.  Stay in the yard.”
Ryan:  “Why mommy?  Because Delta poops up there?”
Mommy:  “Yes Ryan.  Because there are Delta poopies up here and I don’t want you to step in any.”
Ryan:  “O-tay mommy.  I won’t come up the hill.”

A few minutes later as Ryan tries to climb up the hill toward me….

Mommy:  “Ryan, why are you coming up here?  I asked you to stay in the yard.”
Ryan:  “But mommy.  I just need to come up there to give you a tiss (aka kiss).  I need to give you a hug too.”

Oh, my sweet little Ryan.  I love him so, so much.  You can pretty much imagine how this ended.  Yep, I came down the hill to get my hug and tiss from my favorite little 3 year old.  And while I was down there I managed to get some love from O-wee too!  Afterall, he is my favorite 20 month old.

The other night the conversation went something like this one:

Daddy:  “Ryan, you need to finish eating your dinner.”
Ryan:  “I done daddy.  I’m full.”
Daddy:  “Ryan, you only took 2 bites.  You need to eat some more.”

Ryan hops off his chair and goes over to daddy.

Daddy:  “Ryan, what are you doing?  You need to hop back up in your chair and finish eating.”
Ryan:  “But daddy.  I need to give you a hug and a tiss.”

And then another conversation over the last week went like this:

Mommy:  “Ryan, please stay in the toy room with Owen while mommy finishes making dinner.”
Ryan:  “O-tay mommy.  But first I need to come in the kitchen to give you a hug and a tiss.  I love you!”

Yep.  He has it figured out.  And he’s already teaching Owen this new found trick that gets him out of whatever it is he’s trying to get away with.  And so far it is working every time.  I mean, seriously.  Who can refuse love from a 3 year old and 20 month old?   Certainly not mommy & daddy!  I mean, can you?

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  1. Of course you can’t say no to that request! Some day you’ll be bribing him for kisses so you might as well soak it all up now!


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