Positives & Negatives

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The weekend had it’s share of ups and downs. Saturday just wasn’t a great day.  I woke up crabby and stayed that way all day.  It seemed like just as my mood would start to improve the phone would ring and again bring on my bad mood or the boys would fight and argue and whine and cry and again, my mood would turn back to crabby.  It was ridiculous.   It just seemed like I couldn’t catch a break to turn my mood around.

So with such a bad mood and crabby kids on a rainy, Saturday morning we decided to set the jump house up in the toy room.  Call us crazy, but it was a blast.  Plus the boys were extremely tired for nap time afterwards.  Aaaahhh…. what a great plan.

The weekend wasn’t so, so terrible, but it just wasn’t as great as the last few we had.  Last weekend we planted the garden and spent the entire weekend outside; the weekend before that we had the Taylor’s in Atlanta and the two weekends before that we had Grandma Marge, Aunt Nancy and cousin Catherine in Atlanta.  This weekend was just blah. I think it would have been better had we not lost some digital photos (and then spent $60 to recover them!); had not had a rainy Saturday which made our backyard unusable on Sunday too because of the pools of water in our backyard; had not had a splitting headache all weekend; and had not had to deal with Saturday morning.  Ugh.

Some of the positive things included:

  1. Silly, happy, funny boys (for the most part).
  2. Setting up the jump house indoors!
  3. Beautiful Sunday weather.
  4. A walk to the park and having a 20 month old with zero fear as he heads straight down the slide.
  5. Pizza & beer on Friday night.
  6. Steak dinner on Sunday.
  7. Friends over on Saturday night (and they brought groceries and made dinner!).  You rock Micah!
  8. Finishing about 15 digital scrapbook pages via My Hello Designs.
  9. Seeing my corn and peas  sprouting through the dirt!!!

Some of the negative things included:

  1. Missing All Aboard for a Cure walk to support Mitochondrial disease.  This was a real negative.
  2. The rainy, icky day on Saturday which made the backyard unusable all weekend due to the pools of water still in our yard.  HGTV Yard Crashers I NEED YOU!!!
  3. A terrible headache.
  4. Losing some great digital photos.
  5. Spending $60 to purchase a program to recover those great digital photos.
  6. A terrible night sleep on Saturday night.  Seriously terrible.
  7. A particular email received on Friday night.
  8. Cell phone isn’t working correctly (won’t open email to read them and battery life drains in several hours).
  9. Having a dog who pukes at least twice a day if not more.  At least she does it outside and not in the house.
  10. Missing having friends and/or family visiting us in Atlanta.

There were a few other things that set my tone inappropriately, but I can’t get into all of it on our blog.  But on the flip side, I am so excited that my corn and my peas have started to sprout; there is a little green poking through the ground and I’m ecstatic!  It only took one week and we officially have a garden growing!

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