Nothing Like a Trip to the Park

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We took the kids on an adventure to the park to release some energy.  With four kiddos in the house with a ton of energy we thought we’d head to the park to release some of that before bedtime.  We had a delicious steak dinner on the grill along with some adult beverages and then off to the park we went!

Owen discovered the slide and learned how to climb up the stairs and go down the slide all on his own.  He absolutely loved it.  Up the stairs, down the slide. Up the stairs, down the slide.  Up the stairs, down the slide.  Up the stairs, down the slide.  It just never got old.  Sadie on the other hand was enjoying hanging out at the bottom of the slide.  She thought it was pretty cool to put the wood chips on the bottom of the slide for Owen to come through.  She also enjoyed going down the slide with a little help.  She had a big smile on her face the entire way down.

Sadie Going Down the Slide

Sadie Being Goofy

Ryan heading down the slide

Sadie Having So Much Fun!

Owen LOVING the Slide

Sylvie with Crazy Hair

Sylvie and Ryan had fun walking on the wall and balancing.  They did this over and over and over again as well.  I just love how the pictures of Sylvie turned out on the wall.  With that beautiful background, the lighting, those cute, cute colorful pants and the absolutely adorable girl being photographed the pictures turned out awesome.

Ryan Balancing

Sylvie Balancing

Sylvie So Focused

Sylvie Walking All By Herself on the Wall

The kids all took turns swinging as well. I think Sylvie was getting a little annoyed with all the photos being taken, but she was a good sport and put a smile on for me anyway.

Sylvie Swinging

More Swinging

Sadie Swinging

Sadie - Is she scared or having fun?

Swing Fun

And on top of all that fun we played in the wood chips, practiced climbing and Sadie was on a mission to walk.

Owen Playing Wood Chips

Ryan Having Fun!

Owen Hanging Out

Sadie Walking

Owen Playing in More Wood Chips

Sadie - It wasn't me!!

Ryan Climbing

On our way home we took the lake route and visited with the ducks and geese out on our lake.  The kids through rocks into the water and had a great time.

Mission accomplished.  Everyone was tired when we got home for bedtime.  Including all parents!  What is your kiddos favorite thing to do at the park?

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