Photo Opp With Four Kids

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And this is what it’s like trying to photograph four kids aged 3 and under.

For those of you who think it’s an easy task, you are absolutely and completely wrong.  There is nothing easy about getting four kids to sit still, let alone to all smile at the same time and be cute.   Nothing like a last minute challenge though before the girls get on the plane to head back to Minnesota.  We sure will miss our Minnesota friends.  The boys had so much fun playing with Sylvie and Sadie and they are all at good ages to actually enjoy each other.

There will be one more blog post of photos from the park with all the kids, but there were so many pictures taken that it will be awhile until I go through all of them and organize a post.  Just quickly skimming through the photos though, there were some great ones taken so I can’t wait to share them.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll get around to it.  Nothing better to do, but organize when we’re stuck in the house because of a rainy weekend.

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