AT the Zoo or IN the Zoo?

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The Taylor’s came to Atlanta a few days after our family left from their 10 day visit.  There wasn’t enough time to adjust to our normal schedules and routines before we jumped into another out-of-the-norm weekend with friends in town.  But as I have admitted in prior posts, I love having company.  I love hosting people at our house.  And maybe this is because I miss all of our dear friends and family in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Denver and Philly.  But whatever the reason, we had another great weekend with Shanna, Andy, Sylvie and Sadie.

On Friday morning the daddies decided to go golfing so the mommies decided to take all four kiddos to the Atlanta Zoo.  Two mommies and four kiddos.  We were definitely out numbered, but definitely up for the challenge.  I mean, really, what could go wrong??

Everything.  Well, everything and yet nothing.  We got four car seats installed in the Honda and we were on our way.  The kids were all great on the ride to the zoo and we were thinking piece of cake.  We could do this every day!  That is until we got to the zoo and there was not a single place to park.  We tried every lot and all side streets and nothing.  And then we got stuck behind a line of cars in a parking lot and we were just waiting and waiting and waiting to move.

And as luck would have it the car right next to where we were waiting was leaving.  Seriously!  What luck!  We pulled right in and off we went to the zoo.

We have annual passes so we got to go through the members only entrance and we were in the zoo in no time!  And that’s where it all went wrong.  You couldn’t even move. It was ridiculous.  You couldn’t see the animals because the masses of people were so big that you couldn’t get close enough to see the animals instead their area.  It was crazy!  After much waiting we were able to see the giraffes, ostriches and zebras.  We spent alot of time there mainly because we had a spot to see them from.

Once we walked away from this area, we left.  We didn’t even bother with having lunch there or trying to see other animals.  We knew our limit and trying to keep an eye on four kids within thousands of people, strollers and chaos.  Plus it was lunch and everyone around us was getting crabby.

So that is why everything went wrong and yet nothing did.  The kids were perfect little angels; it was just the situation that was out of our hands and chaotic and made the experience one we didn’t want to chance.  So off to Old MacDonald’s play land for lunch!  Or as most know it…. McDonald’s.  The kids were thrilled to go have cheeseburgers and play on the slide.  They didn’t even realize we didn’t see the whole zoo.

And what did we do after McDonald’s?  Aaaaahhhh…. headed home for naptime!

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