A Budding Artist

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To say that Owen LOVES art is an understatement.  He walks around the house saying “ca-ca” over and over and over and over again.  And if you don’t know what “ca-ca” means, it’s good to figure out prior to coming to our house because if you don’t get Owen his colors or “ca-cas” (aka crayons) he will cry.  He absolutely loves to do art projects and he gets so into it.

He will carry around a piece of paper and crayon around with him for hours and will randomly just sit down on the floor and color for a bit.  When he’s finished he gets up (with crayon and paper) and will wander around and play until he feels the need to color again in which case he sits down somewhere and focuses on his art again.

He is great at making circles and he attempts to write his name.  No, we don’t have a 20 month old genius who can actually write his name, but he thinks that is what he’s doing.  Ryan is learning to write his name and so Owen likes to practice this as well.

On this particular day, Daddy and Owen did a little finger painting.  And boy was Owen excited and proud to show his masterpiece to mommy and Ryan when they got home.

Can’t you just read his face and see how much he loves art projects??  He’s such a proud kid.  He loves to be a big boy.  What is your child’s favorite pastime?

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