Owen’s Eyes

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I haven’t given an update on Owen’s eyes for awhile and quite a few of you have asked how he’s doing.  Things are still status quo for now and we are still doing the alternate eye patching every day.  He’s handling it quite well and typically doesn’t scream anymore when we get one out for him to wear.

If you ask him if he wants and eye patch he always responds quickly with “NO!”  But if you just bring it out and put it on he tolerates it.  It’s not his favorite thing, but he is handling it well.

Ryan likes to try to convince me that Owen needs an eye patch on both eyes at the same time. I try to explain to him that Owen wouldn’t be able to see if we put patches on both eyes, but Ryan still wants both of Owen’s eyes to be patched.  I hear this a lot “But momma.  O-wee NEEDS an eye patch on both eyes.  It makes him feel better. Yes, yes it does.”  Ahhhh…. brotherly love.

After the hour or so of wearing the patch is up, we ask Owen “are you ready to be done with your eye patch?” and he will rip it off and bring it over to you in a split second.  No questions or hesitation what-so-ever.  And if forget that it’s been an hour he will usually tolerate for about an hour and 15 minutes and all of a sudden he’s standing in front of you with the eye patch in hand saying “all done.”  We just love that kid.  So matter of fact.

We do have a follow up eye appointment on Friday morning so hopefully that will give us a better idea of how he’s doing and if the surgery was a success.  Jim and I have noticed a difference over the last 6 weeks and we think it’s improving. I’m not sure I would say it’s corrected entirely, but it is better than it was right after surgery. Much better actually.

So keep O-wee in your thoughts on Friday and keep your fingers crossed that his eyes are improving!

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