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I’m addicted to our back yard.  If you’ve ever been in it there is nothing special about it.  Unless you consider a really steep 35 degree angle hill special.  Or the random trees that the previous owners planted which didn’t grow so they got rid of, but never got rid of the roots or mounds of dirt from which they were planted in.  Or maybe you would consider the uneven, bumpy lawn to be something special.

But my favorite is the random patches of grass that refuse to grow.  Tonight I took matters into my own hands, went to Home Depot and picked the brain of some poor young kid to help me figure out how to plant grass in my backyard.  He was actually quite knowledgeable and gave me step by step instructions on what to purchase and how to use it.  He suggested using Scott’s EZ Seed.  It is guaranteed to grow anywhere in any condition.  He even told me that they grew some on a slab of concrete as a store example to show customers it really does grow anywhere.  My response?  Well that’s great you can grow it on concrete because it’s been discovered that our backyard is actually composed of Georgia clay with a combination of solid rock.  Yes.  Rock.  We have fairly decent size rocks all over our yard if you try to rake or dig into the ground.  We have found large chunks of rock numerous times.  The one I discovered tonight was about a foot long, six inches wide and 1/2 high.  That’s a huge rock to discover in your backyard just under the surface of the grass.

And I wonder why grass won’t grow back there?!  But now I know.  And I have a miracle seed to fix it.  It grows on concrete!  And the best part is that it is guaranteed to do so.

Typically I’m not one to follow through with a money back guarantee, but this time I can guarantee you that I will.  If our grass doesn’t start growing back there Scott’s EZ Seed folks will be hearing from me.

But I do hope I won’t need to contact anyone because I really do want the grass to grow back there.  We have been enjoying our time out there so much.  The boys love to play and run and golf and slide.  And Delta has been enjoying chasing tennis balls (thanks Lacey!) and golfing.

Unfortunately their little slide is not going to do the trick for much longer.  The slide is as long as Ryan’s legs when he sits on it.  It’s not this exact model, but very similar to this one here.  And since Owen likes to go down it head first we’ll probably need something bigger sooner rather than later.  We have our sights set on something like this one from PlayNation.  But it’s a little pricey and I’ve been spending all of our money on vegetable plants and grass seeds so we are going to have  to wait awhile longer.

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  1. Melissa Johnson says:

    Maybe one of your neighbors is looking to get rid of a swingset/slide combo…


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