One Project Leads to Another and Another

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Add one more check to the list.  We are now at the following stats:

1.  Plant flowers – check
2.  Build raised vegetable garden – check
3.  Plant veggies in garden – check

Unfortunately none of the herbs I bought fit in our new garden.  That means we have another project on our to-do list:

1.  Go to Home Depot
2.  Buy materials to build two raised herb garden planters
3.  Plant two herb gardens

And with spending so much time in the yard this weekend we realize we have the following projects left to do:

1.  Weed the hill – AGAIN.
2.  Map out our plans for extended patio
3.  Build extended patio
4.  Install a french drain (I have no idea what this is, but we talk about doing it every time it rains)
5.  Build retaining wall

All of which are easy little tasks wouldn’t you say?  I did start the weeding of the hill while the boys are napping today.  After about 2.5 hours my hands were throbbing and blisters were forming so I decided to take a break and write another blog post.  Plus I couldn’t wait to show you how beautiful my garden is looking!  I cheated and bought some seeds and some starter plants.

We are (attempting to) grow the following this year:

1.  Cucumbers
2.  Corn
3.  Tomatoes
4.  Beans
5.  Peas
6.  Red Pepper
7.  Green Pepper

The boys have had a blast helping with all these projects this year.  They love to be a part of it all and getting dirty without getting in trouble.  Delta loves the fresh air and sunshine too!  And if you don’t know our favorite little German short-haired pointer, you may not know that she has separation anxiety and therefore, will not be outside alone.  She freaks out if you leave her in the back yard alone to play and enjoy the beautiful weather.  But if we’re out there with her she loves every minute of it.  She’s had a pretty good weekend so far too.

Don’t you just love our new raised garden planter box?  If it wasn’t filled with dirt and vegetable plants, I would list it on Craigslist to see if I could sell it.  Jim loves when I do crazy stuff like that!  Don’t you honey?  If you’re a newer reader to our blog than you may not know that every time Jim custom builds something upon my request, I typically love it so much that I photograph it and post it on Craigslist.  If I love it, then I’m sure others have been looking for the same sort of item.  Typically I am right and I sell the items within hours.  What does that lead to you may ask?  Well, then Jim needs to go back to Home Depot (which he loves) and I make some additional money (it was my idea and vision afterall!) and Jim gets to rebuild the item for me (because I did really need it and love the end result).  It’s a win-win for everyone in the end!  But watch out honey, I may just sell the whole garden (vegetables & dirt included)!

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  1. Ah, there’s the list of veggies! Corn from the garden is fabulous! Is it sweet corn? I’ll see if I can get some tips from Scott and I’ll pass them along. 🙂


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