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Day one of gardening was a success.  More work than we had anticipated, but a success none-the-less.

We got up bright and early and made our way to Home Depot.  We needed the wood to build the raised vegetable garden.  We needed the flowers to plant in the pots.  We needed the vegetable seeds for the garden.  And we needed all the dirt for everything.  The boys had a great time helping choose the colors for our flowers.  And they gave their input on the vegetables we were choosing to plant.  They were very patient as we went around and around the store looking and deciding.  They were even very patient as mommy asked the Home Depot employees many, many questions.  Some of those questions included things like:

“What size round tomato trellis thingy do I need?” and yes I did call it a round tomato trellis thingy!

“Can I plant all of these little tomato plants inside the round trellis thingy or do I need a separate trellis thing for each?”

“Will all of these plants and seeds fit in my 4×8 garden or do I have way too many here?”

“What vegetables would you plant?  Which will grow the best and have the least chance of dying on me?”

“Do I plant cucumber plants in a round trellis thing too or just the tomato plants?”

“Do you think my garden will actually grow?  Y0u can obviously tell that I’ve never done this before!”

There was one girl who admitted it was her first day there.  She was very nice though and tried to help me as much as she could.  Another older gentleman obviously had been a gardener over the years and answered all my questions very patiently.  And when I said “Can you tell this is my first time at gardening?” he politely smiled and said “I would have never guessed that.” But then he added “I wouldn’t answer that truthfully anyway.”

There you have it.  A first time gardener.  Just wait until next year when I’m an old pro and have this garden, process and routine mapped out perfectly.

So with our flowers, veggies, dirt, top soil, wood and tools in the Odyssey it was off to home to execute the plan.

Mommy, Ryan and Owen planted all the flowers while daddy built the raised vegetable garden.  As we’ve learned over the months, Ryan stayed nice and neat and careful scooped the dirt in his little shovel and put it nicely into the pot.  Owen on the other hand scooped the dirt and missed the pot each time with it landing in his lap instead.  With each dump you heard a quiet little “oh-oh”.  Oh, my sweet, sweet little O-wee.

Even with all the “oh-oh’s” we managed to get all the flowers planted and daddy finished the raised vegetable garden.  We had a little lunch outside and the boys went down for a nap.  Daddy assembled his newly built garden and mommy ran to the grocery store for the BBQ we were hosting with friends that night.  Nothing like planning everything in one day.

The BBQ with the Wilkinson’s was a good time as always.  Ryan and Owen were both in awe of baby Charlie (4 weeks old) and had a great time playing with Grace as well.

So now this morning I can say our flowers are planted (check), the vegetable garden has been prepared for planting (check) and we are relaxing a bit before heading out to finish the project (no check).  And by end of day we should be able to add one more check to our list.  Well, that is if I get off the computer and out of my pjs.  It’s just so nice to take a moment while the boys are playing nicely together and reflect on all that we got done yesterday while not putting too much emphasis on all we still have left to do……

If you have any gardening tips or tricks, I would love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment and offer any advice you can to a first time gardening.  I would love to know some tricks to how to maintain my new garden.  Do I need to prune the vegetable plants at all?  How often do I water it?  How long does it take for the seeds/plants to start producing vegetables?  Even just some encouraging words that this garden will produce vegetables.  And soon enough when I start to have fresh vegetables, I will be needing some recipes and ways to enjoy our abundance of veggies.  I’m still hopeful that I will have actual vegetables to eat and that this project won’t be a flop.

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  1. We have amazing luck with our vegetable garden…I’m not sure what Scott does to it, but I can’t believe the crop we get from it each summer. Our tomatoes are in the sun 90% of the day, and they grow like mad. Also, Scott puts down grass clippings in the garden to help keep the weeds under control. Maybe try that?

    Not sure all which veggies you are planting, but I can get you a wonderful salsa recipe that Scott uses to can each year. There is nothing better than fresh veggies from your own garden…good luck!!


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