Me? A Gardener?

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Over the years I’ve gone through phases of attempting gardening.  Some of those times involved dividing house plants and fostering new growth in order to repot them and have more greenery around the house. Some of the times I would succeed, some of the times the plants would die while I was traveling for so many weeks at a time and other times I would flat out forget to water them and they wouldn’t survive.

Eventually I gave up and got rid of most of my house plants.

Over the last few years I have started to build my house plant collection back up.  I went from 3 or so to about 7 now plus a palm tree plant in my family room.  Jim loves to give me a hard time about our tree because it’s the 5th tree I have purchased since we have lived in this house for 4 years.  For some reason I could not keep the trees alive, but this one seems to be doing better.  I’ve had it about a year now and it’s still green and healthy looking.  I promised him (and myself) that if this one dies I will give in and purchase a fake tree.  Keep in mind I have never owned a fake plant, tree or flower.  I am not a fan of fake greenery.  Mind you, I walk into other people’s homes and always admire their fake plants and think I should get some.  But then I go to the store and look at them and they look so fake.  And I just can’t do it.  I don’t make the purchase.

Why do some people’s fake plants look so nice?  Where do they get theirs?

But I digress.  As usual.  Back to my gardening skills.  Or lack-there-of.

Last summer I decided to plant some indoor herbs and some wheat grass.  The wheat grass did awesome!  It was in a beautiful tall square vase and the grass part was a really pretty two tone green color.  It looked awesome!  I would trim it every few days to keep it looking groomed.  Everyone commented on how cool it looked on our fireplace mantle.  Then after about 3 weeks, it turned yellow and died.


So I tried again.  I got new soil.  I planted new wheat grass seeds.  Watched it sprout within a few days.  Trimmed it.  Groomed it.  Watered it.  And three weeks later it died again.


I gave up.  I tried herbs instead.  Got new planters, filled them with dirt, watered them and they started growing like crazy.  I was so excited to have fresh herbs to cook with.  And before they got to the point where I could use them they died too.

Since I haven’t been able to keep wheat grass, herbs, house plants or trees alive, I am going to attempt a vegetable garden this year!  Why not?

Tomorrow is the big day.  Our ground here in Atlanta isn’t very easy to work with since it’s very hard with clay type soil Jim is going to build me a garden area in the backyard.  And Ryan, Owen and I are going to plant our vegetable garden.  I’ve purchased little gardening tools for all of us and we are ready.  Ryan is very excited to dig in the dirt and plant the garden with mommy.  Although he keeps telling me “Momma.  O-wee too little to garden.  He’ll get all dirty so he can’t garden.”

I’m not sure if he thinks he’s going to be staying clean or what?  But we’re all going to garden tomorrow.  And we’re going to plant our summer flowers as well.  I’m scaling back a bit this year since I didn’t seem to keep them all alive last summer.  Shocker.  I know.  Me?  Not be able to keep my outdoor flowers alive…. who would have thought!

So please send us a lot of luck and positive thoughts tomorrow as we attempt a vegetable garden for the first time ever.  I wonder if I should do a poll to see how long you all think I’ll keep this garden alive??

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You must have a saint for a husband for him to build you a garden. For him to do all the work to set up an area for you is amazing. You really are lucky to have found a guy like him.


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