Owen's Spring Party

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While Grandma was in town she was able to attend Owen’s Spring party in Junior Toddler A at Woodchase Academy.  It doesn’t happen very often that Owen has a party and Ryan doesn’t.  But this particular party worked out just that way.  In Ryan’s class they had a birthday party instead for one of the kiddos so it was a different type of celebration with no parents.  Owen’s class on the other hand had a Spring party and mommy and grandma went to celebrate with him and his friends. 

It was so cute to see all the little ones enjoying their dance music and party food.  Owen was so proud to have mommy and grandma there.  Him and all of his friends were so well behaved the entire time.  I think the teachers enjoyed having us there since they said that behavior wasn’t typical during snacktime.  I’m glad we could do our part to keep the kids in line!

Earlier in the day they had done an egg hunt and Owen was so proud to show us the eggs in his basket.  He knew that there was candy in them too and it was funny because he would try to open the egg and when he couldn’t he would hand it to me and say “ah peeze” which translates to “help please”.  Well mommy didn’t give in quite so easily and wouldn’t open the eggs.  Grandma on the other hand opened each and every one handed to her.  It didn’t take long for Owen to figure this out and soon he just bypassed mommy and went straight to grandma.  All the while with a huge grin on his face.  Priceless.

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