Storytime with Grandma

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The boys are thrilled to have Grandma here.  Seriously thrilled.  They insist on Grandma reading bedtime stories.  They insist on Grandma picking them up from school.  They constantly hug her.  Everything they do they have to show Grandma and tell Grandma about it. They are so proud and happy to have her here.

Even Owen.  Shocker huh?  Our little O-wee who doesn’t normally warm up to unfamiliar people will just randomly walk over to her and hug her legs.

Ryan is sharing his bedroom with her and loving it.  He gave up his big boy bed to Grandma and is sleeping on his toddler mattress on the floor in the room.  Poor Grandma is being woken up early and has dealt with a few restless night from him, but I think she’s also loving being close to her grandbabies.

It’s been a fun week.  Despite a few crabby nights with uncooperative boys, it’s been a blast.  We’ve enjoyed some wine, some good food (from George’s – yum!) and lots of stories and laughs.  They are in Atlanta for 10 days and before they got here it seemed like it was going to be plenty of time for us to get everything accomplished that we wanted to.  But that is not proving to be the case.  The week is flying by and we’re scrambling to fit it all in.

Regardless what we do throughout the day, we end it like this:

Storytime with Grandma

Loving books

Who's having more fun?

Nightly Routine

Owen and his warm bedtime milk

Little stud-muffin wearing Mel-Mo jammies

What a pumpkin!

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  1. I love the wet hair look! There’s something so sweet about those moments before bedtime…

  2. Your favorite cousin Theresa says:

    Aunt Margaret looks so happy with the boys and they certainly look content! Not to mention absolutely adorable! They both have grown so much….I miss you guys & can’t wait to see you! I think there is gonna be a flood warning the day they have to leave, the tears will be pouring big time! I’m happy you get to have them there for Easter. Is Aunt Margaret making the braided bread & sedack(however it’s spelt?!?!) If she isn’t Jean Ann, tell her her little sister is making it! teehee!!!!!

    Love you!

  3. Hello to your Mom – it has been way too long since I have seen her. Share some of my facebook pictures with her and send me her address.

    Carol (Ukkola) Abrahamzon

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