Handsome Little Men

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It was picture day at school last week and I had the boys practicing their smile for several days.  They did great and smiled beautifully.  They had on their handsome little outfits and were ready for some great picture taking.

When I arrived at school I heard from Ms. Christina that Ryan smiled great, but they couldn’t get Owen to smile for anything.  And then she added “Well it was an improvement from last year when he cried the whole time.”

Yes, good point.  No tears are good, but I know what Owen’s serious non-smiling, what are you talking about smile looks like.  Hmmmm… would these pictures be worth buying?  Not sure yet.

So, I head into the Owen’s classroom and all three teachers tell me “Owen would not smile.”  Great.  So I wonder what these pictures are going to look like?

I get to Ryan’s room and ask how his photo session went and Ryan jumps up and down and says “Great!  I smiled Great momma!” and then with a little head tilt and serious face Ryan adds “but O-wee didn’t smile.  He was so, so sad.  He didn’t like pictures.”

Great again.  So now I’m really wondering how these pictures will look.  If Ryan is even telling me that Owen wouldn’t smile, we’re in trouble.

So mommy didn’t take any chances and while the boys were dressed all handsome and in good moods, I took some pictures.  Granted they wouldn’t sit too close to each other and they wouldn’t smile at the same time while looking straight ahead at the camera, but they did turn out cute.

Brothers. My Boys.

Owen Giving Ryan a Kiss

Ryan Giving Owen a Kiss

Attempting a brotherly kiss, but it looks like Ryan's about to bite him!

Owen Loves His Big Brother

What a Stud-muffin

What me?

Handsome Little Monkey

Too funny!

So cute.

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  1. They are both so cute, Jean! It’ll be interesting to hear how Owen’s pics turned out…!

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