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Friday Fun

.Don’t you wish that the little things in life made you laugh this hard?  Ryan is such a great big brother and Owen absolutely idolizes him.  With that combination there is always laughter in our house.  Especially last night when Ryan decided to mimic mommy and daddy and blow raspberries on Owen’s belly.  Owen doesn’t […]

Mommy's Broken

.Last night Ryan decided that I was broken.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  He said I was broken. We were laying on his bed reading books and snuggin’. For some reason way back when we would refer to snuggling as snuggin and now it’s stuck.  Both boys refer to it this way – snuggin’ or […]

The Garden Is Growing!

. My garden is definitely sprouting. Here are the corn sprouts and peas. Not long till we are eating some fresh veggies. Yum!

A Classic

.This video of Ryan at about 10 months old cracks me up.  It’s a classic.  Every now and again I pull it back up from our youtube account (jgazdik228) to watch it.  It’s seriously hilarious and will turn any bad day around.  It will put a smile on your face.  It will make you laugh […]

Movie Night with Friends

.As I had mentioned the other day, we had friends over last weekend for dinner and playtime.  The boys, daddies & kids convinced me to watch a movie.  I was slightly outnumbered 6 to 1 so I caved and put in Toy Story.  I’m not a big TV/movie fan for the kids so it typically […]

Jumping Fun

.If you could see the happy smiles that the indoor jump house puts on the boys face you would clear your toy room out too and set it up indoors on a rainy Saturday morning.  They absolutely LOVE to jump regardless if it’s indoors or out. Plus Owen has now figured out how to actually […]

Tuesday Ten

.Every Tuesday I am going to attempt to do a post that involves ten.  Ten things we want to do this summer; ten places we want to travel to; ten of our favorite bedtime books; or ten things we did the prior week. Today’s Tuesday Ten are the ten things I didn’t know before having […]

We Are Well Hydrated!

.Ryan has learned how to move the chair to the counter, get a plastic cup for him and Owen and then head over to the fridge to get ice and water out of the door dispenser.  This is a great help to mommy and daddy!  Rather than having two whiny boys wanting water & ice […]

Ryan is a Smart Kid!

.Over the last few weeks Ryan has figured it out.  He has finally figured out how to be manipulative on purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s done it over the last few years, but didn’t necessarily realize he was doing it or he didn’t purposefully do it at that moment. Now, he has it figured […]

Positives & Negatives

.The weekend had it’s share of ups and downs. Saturday just wasn’t a great day.  I woke up crabby and stayed that way all day.  It seemed like just as my mood would start to improve the phone would ring and again bring on my bad mood or the boys would fight and argue and […]

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