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Yesterday, Ryan threw a ball across the toy room and this is the conversation that followed….

Mommy:  “Ryan!  Please do not throw the ball across the room.”
Ryan:  “Oh.  Sorry mommy.  It was an ass-sis-dent” — translated means it was an accident
Mommy:  “Ryan, I saw you throw it.  It wasn’t an accident.  You did that on purpose.”
Ryan:  “Oh.  Sorry. I won’t do it again.  I’ll be a good listener.”

A few minutes later another ball comes whizzing past my head….

Mommy:  “Ryan James!  Did I not just say to please stop throwing the ball in the house?”
Ryan:  “But momma.  I didn’t throw it.  I just let it jump out of my hands by itself.”

And there you have it folks.  The ball jumped out of his hands all by itself.  I bet you all wish you were to witness such a sight!

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  1. Oh boy, maybe he’ll grow up to be a lawyer…he seems to have a way with words!

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