The Boys

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Over the last week or so I realized that I must refer to Ryan and Owen as “the boys” more often than I thought I did.  Some of the things I’ve been hearing from Ryan recently include:

“Momma.  The boys need some lemonade.”


“Delta.  Leave the boys alone.  They are eating snack and it’s not for you.”


“Momma.  The boys need to go for a bike ride.”


“Daddy.  The boys need to play train tracks.” or….


“Momma.  The boys need a snack.  Right O-wee?  The boys need a snack? Yes?” (while nodding his head in hopes that Owen will mimic him)

Yep!  The boys.  My boys.

By the way… Jim fits into this category often times too.  Especially when I’m saying…..  “I love my boys!”

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  1. Ah, that is so cute! Makes me hope the next one is a girl, so I can talk about “the girls”…:)

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