Clean Up, Clean Up

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I finally uploaded our Flip videos if you haven’t noticed with all the video posts lately.  The other day I told the boys to clean up the toy room so I could vacuum and much to my surprise, Owen starts picking up the toys while singing:

“eeee-up!  eeeee-up! a-a-a-ah! eeeee-up! eeeee-up!”

And in case you don’t speak O-wee this is the clean-up song.  Clean up!  Clean up!  Everybody, everywhere.  Clean up!  Clean up!

So the other night when I asked him to stop making a mess with his dinner he picked up with food all over the table to put it back in the bowl while singing his new favorite song.

Couldn’t you just squeeze this little man?!  What a personality. He’s so darn cute.  Just like his brother, but in a completely different way.  In so many ways they are so much alike.  And then in other ways they couldn’t be more opposite.  And they are both perfect exactly the way they are.

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  1. Max and Owee sing the same way! So cute!

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