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Ryan turned three in December 2009 and he knows his alphabet; he can identify all the letters in the alphabet and all of his numbers up to 10; he can count to 20 and to 10 in Spanish.  He knows how to spell his name and does so about 48 times a day.

Every time he sees letters on anything he has to stop to identify each of them and tell us what word starts with that letter.

Ryan:  “Look momma.  An R.  That’s an R for Ryan.”
Mommy:  “Yes Ryan, you are correct.”
Ryan:  “Oh!  And look!  It’s an O.  That’s O for O-wee.”
Mommy:  “Yes Ryan.”

This type of conversation happens over and over and over and over again.  With all the letters that he can find on everything.

In this video he isn’t as fluent as he usually is with his counting and such, but when I take the Flip video out he gets so excited and just can’t wait to actually watch the video so he doesn’t really focus on what he’s supposed to be doing on camera.

And Owen couldn’t be outdone.  He wanted his turn in the spotlight too.

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