If You're Happy and You Know It

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Uncle Al and Aunt Karen bought this yellow duck for Ryan almost 3 years ago when we were in Philadelphia for a visit.  Throughout the years, both boys have loved it.  They play it over and over and over again.  So much actually that mommy or daddy (usually daddy) ends up hiding it for awhile.

Seriously.  This duck is loud.  And while the first 24 times you hear the song you think oh cute! the remaining 67 times you think annoying! But the boys love it so mommy and daddy tolerate it.  But to be honest we are secretly plotting ways to get back at Uncle Al and Aunt Karen.  But shhhh…. don’t tell them!!

Some of our ideas include:  A surprise visit to Kansas where we’ll drop the boys for the weekend while mommy and daddy escape on vacation elsewhere.  The duck will accompany the boys of course.

Well, that’s really the only one we came up with.  We liked the idea so much we didn’t really go any further with trying to think of others.  I mean, it truly is the perfect plan isn’t it?!  But really, quite honestly the boys do love the duck.  And we all love Uncle Al and Aunt Karen, so it’s all good.  Plus Uncle Al and Aunt Karen sent the boys some really cute (and super soft) little stuffed animals after our family cruise.  And since the boys absolutely love these little animals and trade them back and forth and sleep with them each night and they make no noise whatsoever, we can let the loud and sometimes annoying duck slide for now.

So if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, stomp your feet and shout hooray!

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  1. Ava enjoyed watching this video…I think that’s as close as we will get to a duck like this. 🙂

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