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On Sunday night I was convinced that this would be a good week.  There was so much potential for it to be good; there really was.  And while it hasn’t been horrible, it certainly hasn’t been good either.

I haven’t slept through a night yet this week.  It’s either been Owen up playing in his crib at 2am.  Or Ryan picking up his monitor in the wee hours of the morning to say “Mommy.  Daddy.  I need to go pee-pee.”  Or work on my mind and keeping me awake.  Or Owen’s eyes.  Yes, you heard it.  Owen’s eyes.

Over the weekend we noticed that Owen’s eyes started crossing a bit again.  Ugh.  The last three weeks have been awesome with absolutely no crossing.  But over the weekend we noticed he started favoring one eye over the other and crossing them.  So on Monday, I called Dr. Lipsky’s office and explained what was going on.  They agreed that we shouldn’t wait another 4 weeks for our follow up appointment and they squeezed Owen into their schedule today in Newnan.  Yes, you heard correctly.  Newnan.

Newnan is about an hour from our house with no traffic.  And don’t forget we live in Atlanta.  So regardless what day of the week it is; what time it is; or what direction you are going there is always traffic.  Always.  And today it happened to be raining buckets with numerous semi trucks on the freeway.  Oh, and they are doing construction on I-85 and down to two lanes; no shoulders; construction cones everywhere.  So all of that combined the drive to/from was super.

Dr. Lipsky and his nurse each did all of their usual tests and screenings.  Owen did fantastic.  He cooperated with all of it and was a happy little camper.  The nurse was very impressed and commented several times how great he was!  He really does cooperate with them and will look where they want him to; do what they tell him to do; and let them move his head around and cover his eyes over and over.

Dr. Lipsky said their is some crossing, but that he’s not ready to throw the towel in (his words) and say the surgery didn’t work.  He just thinks me need to work on it a little more and force his eyes to work correctly.  As he explained, when the surgery is done, most brains will say thank you for fixing this for me; I couldn’t do it on my own.  Owen’s brain isn’t.  But we all know how stubborn Owen can be and he isn’t just going with what should happen.

I can be thankful that all we are having to deal with is alternate eye patching for another 6 weeks.  I get that.  And I am very, very thankful that it isn’t more serious.  But I’m tired right now.  And I wanted this surgery to be successful and to not have to worry about this anymore.  Owen absolutely hates wearing his eye patches now and cries and cries when he sees us coming with one.  Tonight he put his head down on the kitchen table and just cried big ol’ crocodile tears not wanting to wear it.  Breaks my heart.  It certainly doesn’t hurt him to wear it, but it breaks my heart to make him do something he doesn’t like.

Tonight though it was cute because after wearing it for awhile, he took it off and brought it over to me “Momma.  All done.” and he handed the patch to me and walked away.  Ugh.  Mind of his own this little O-wee.

One day down and another 40+ days to go.  Wish us luck.

On a brighter note it is 2 weeks and 2 days until my mom, aunt Nancy and cousin Catherine get here!!  I cannot wait.  I am so excited to have them here for 10 days or so and over Easter!  Ok, I will also admit I’m excited because Jim and I will be going on a date night while they are in town.  They don’t know it yet, but we are.

We are yet to have a free babysitter for a date night.  Seriously.  A free babysitter.  What is that?!  We’ve never had such a thing for a date night.  We either pay a fortune for a sitter so we can escape together for a few hours or we use our babysitting coop and then I’m minus a bazillion points and have to sit for other families in our neighborhood to make up for the few hours we were able to escape for.  Both situations are stressful to me and therefore Jim and I have not had a date night since last November.  And I can’t even tell you when it was before that.  I don’t even remember.

But that’s about to change.  Date night when my mom gets here.  Gosh, I wish my mom lived closer.  And it’s not just because we’d have a free sitter now and then.  But because I know how much Ryan and Owen would enjoy having her around more.  Oh, and Delta too.  Grandma LOVES Delta and spoils her rotten.  And we can’t even talk about cousin Cathy and how every time Delta just looks at her leash Cathy takes her for a walk through the neighborhood.  Yep, Delta has cousin Cathy wrapped around her little paw.  Delta actually starts whining and whimpering and shaking when she sees Cathy each morning because she knows she gets to go walking.

So while we are dealing with alternate eye patching again, I know things could be worse.  I do.  And I’m thankful they are not.

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  1. Poor little guy…don’t give up hope! I know you will truly enjoy your date night – it’s long overdue!!

  2. Jean & Jim:
    I know that this is upsetting and very scary. I am living proof that this all works out in the end. I had 3 eye surgeries as a young child and lots of eye therapy. I don’t remember any of the surgery and not much of the therapy – more stories than anything and pictures of me in eye patches. I know that this might not do much to ease your mind bc I am sure the thought of your child possibly having to go through 3 surgeries is scary but in adulthood …it all worked out. My thoughts are with you bc I know it is probably a scary path.



  1. […] it to be corrected and for this to no longer be an issue for Owen.  For the last 6 weeks since our last appointment we have been doing alternate eye patching therapy.  Owen has gotten used to it, but certainly […]

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