Happy Birthday Mommy!

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We LOVE birthdays in our house!  Well, Ryan absolutely loves them and the rest of us can’t help but like them after seeing the joy and excitement Ryan shows on birthdays.

Ryan, Owen and daddy each gave mommy cute cards.  Daddy made a yummy breakfast and Ryan and Owen promised to be on their best behavior all day.  And actually were.  I have to admit, I was very impressed.

After breakfast we headed to the toy room for some play time and Ryan propped open the baby gate.  He used daddy’s shoes to do so.  Then he waltzed back into the toy room and went about playing.  The conversation went something like this:

Mommy:  “Ryan, why did you open the gate and prop it open?”
Ryan:  “Oh.  I just do that so all the people can come in and out.”
Mommy:  “Who is going to come in and out Ryan?”
Ryan”  “Oh.  Just all the people.  All my friends are coming over for your birthday party today.”
Mommy:  “Oh!!  All of YOUR friends are coming over for MY birthday party?”
Ryan:  “Yah!  It will be SO fun mommy.  All my friends will sing happy birthday too!”

Seriously, how much can you love one little guy?  Because I love these boys so much. I love the conversations we have and how their personalities develop more and more each day.  I love that when you ask Owen a question he will think about it and then either:

a.)  Nod his head up and down really big to respond “yes” or….
b.) Say “Nooooooooooooo……”

I love that Owen hops around the house like a frog saying “Ib! Ib!” for ribbit and that mimics every single thing that his big brother does.  I don’t so much care for it when Ryan mimics Owen though and acts like a baby for attention.  I do love that Ryan tries to teach Owen how to do things and will say “O-wee!  Do like me.  You a big boy now.  You need to do like me, otay?” and Owen will nod REALLY big up and down to say yes.

But I digress…. like usual….Back to mommy’s birthday day….

Daddy packed up with kids and lunch and off we went on a surprise venture.  We ended up in Piedmont Park for a little birthday picnic.  We had a great time despite the chilly wind.  We set out a blanket; had some sandwiches and chips; and kicked the ball around.

You're suppose to kick the ball Owen!

Boys playing ball

Ryan running after the ball AGAIN!

Mommy's birthday picnic lunch

It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday…. with my three favorite boys.  It was perfect.  And Ryan thought so too because when we were leaving the park he said “Mommy Daddy.  I had SO much fun.  That was SO fun.”

Quite honestly it brought tears to my eyes.  They are such great kids.  Don’t get me wrong… they get into trouble almost every single day.  They fight; they push; they bite (well Owen does).  They cry; they whine; they pout; they stick out their bottom lips and give sad puppy dog looks.  They go to time-outs; they don’t listen; they climb; they spill; they make BIG messes.

But at the end of the day, they are perfect.  They are OUR boys.  They are loving, sweet little kiddos who really do look out for each other.  They laugh and giggle and run around together all day long.  They give hugs and kisses and play together like only brothers can.  They are our perfect boys.  And that makes for a great day any day.  But especially on mommy’s birthday.  It was perfect.

Seriously….wouldn’t you consider YOUR day perfect surrounded with this?!  I certainly did.  Oh, and do you sense another pattern with the cleanliness of the eating?

Frosting the cake

Mommy's birthday cake for her favorite boys

Putting sprinkles on the birthday cake

More sprinkles!

Finished product!!

Sneaking a bite....

And another bite.....

I didn't eat any. I promise.

Showing off the sprinkles

Happy Birthday Dear Mommy....

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