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.Yesterday, Ryan threw a ball across the toy room and this is the conversation that followed…. Mommy:  “Ryan!  Please do not throw the ball across the room.” Ryan:  “Oh.  Sorry mommy.  It was an ass-sis-dent” — translated means it was an accident Mommy:  “Ryan, I saw you throw it.  It wasn’t an accident.  You did […]

The Boys

.Over the last week or so I realized that I must refer to Ryan and Owen as “the boys” more often than I thought I did.  Some of the things I’ve been hearing from Ryan recently include: “Momma.  The boys need some lemonade.” OR…. “Delta.  Leave the boys alone.  They are eating snack and it’s […]

Clean Up, Clean Up

.I finally uploaded our Flip videos if you haven’t noticed with all the video posts lately.  The other day I told the boys to clean up the toy room so I could vacuum and much to my surprise, Owen starts picking up the toys while singing: “eeee-up!  eeeee-up! a-a-a-ah! eeeee-up! eeeee-up!” And in case you […]

Ryan James Yahres

.Ryan turned three in December 2009 and he knows his alphabet; he can identify all the letters in the alphabet and all of his numbers up to 10; he can count to 20 and to 10 in Spanish.  He knows how to spell his name and does so about 48 times a day. Every time […]

If You're Happy and You Know It

.Uncle Al and Aunt Karen bought this yellow duck for Ryan almost 3 years ago when we were in Philadelphia for a visit.  Throughout the years, both boys have loved it.  They play it over and over and over again.  So much actually that mommy or daddy (usually daddy) ends up hiding it for awhile. […]


.On Sunday night I was convinced that this would be a good week.  There was so much potential for it to be good; there really was.  And while it hasn’t been horrible, it certainly hasn’t been good either. I haven’t slept through a night yet this week.  It’s either been Owen up playing in his […]

Mystery Reader

.This week is Dr. Suess’s birthday and Ryan’s class at Woodchase Academy has invited in guest readers all week.  Today, both mommy and daddy went to read to Ryan’s class.  Ryan was so proud he could hardly stand it. Daddy did the reading (And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street) and mommy […]

A Pattern?

.Am I sensing a pattern here? And then there’s my sweet little Ryan.  Such a good, clean little eater.  He has been desperately trying to teach Owen how to eat clean.  I’m not sure that Owen is grasping the concept though!

Hats, Hats & Juice!

.The boys decided one morning that they were going to wear hats!  They tried them on front ways and backwards.  They switched hats and tried each others.  They even tried on daddy’s hats! And then they took a much needed juice break.  All that hat wearing will wipe a kid out!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

.We LOVE birthdays in our house!  Well, Ryan absolutely loves them and the rest of us can’t help but like them after seeing the joy and excitement Ryan shows on birthdays. Ryan, Owen and daddy each gave mommy cute cards.  Daddy made a yummy breakfast and Ryan and Owen promised to be on their best […]

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