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Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, text messaged us on a daily basis since Owen’s surgery.  It really means alot to know that so many of you are thinking about our little guy and have him in your prayers.  I wanted to let you all know that he is doing awesome!  He went to his eye surgeon, Dr. Lipsky for a follow up visit on Monday morning and he said Owen is perfect.  He is very pleased with how the surgery went and how Owen is recovering from it.

He has been back at school (Woodchase Academy) this week and doing great!  His teachers said that his eyes look great and are not wandering like they used to do during circle time.  They noticed how he’s much better at focusing and seems to be his normal, happy self.  Just as if he’d never had surgery at all.  Granted his eyes are still bloody and bruised so he still gets the “Oh poor O-wee” looks and comments, but the kid takes it like a champ and smiles and waves.

Our other little champ is Mr. Ryan James.  He can now identify all of his letters of the alphabet and all numbers up to 9.  He still gets a little confused with double digit numbers and for 12 will say “One and Two” and when I tell him it’s twelve he will tell me “No momma.  See.   It’s a ONE and this is a TWO.”  Well, ya got me there kiddo.  You’re right.

We finally have our kitchen chalkboard hung up; 2+ years of sitting against the wall and thanks to cousin Catherine for hanging it up when she came to visit last month!  Well I wrote the alphabet scattered all over the chalkboard and our new mealtime game is to discuss each letter and what it stands for.  Example…. E for Eagle.  G for Garbage.  U for Umbrella.  And so on.

Ryan can identify each and every letter and tell us what words starts with the letter.  He’s doing amazing since he’s only three years old.  He’s also learning how to write his name and is so proud of himself when he traces it correctly.  There is nothing better than to see the joy on his face when he does it correctly.

We’re so proud of both of our champs.  They amaze us everyday.

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