Owen’s Surgery Scheduled

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Owen’s eye muscle surgery will take place tomorrow morning, bright and early.  We need to be there at 8am and the surgery is scheduled for 9:30am.  They say it should take an hour or so, but like the surgeon said, “the surgery will take as long as it takes for us to get his eyes fixed.”

Owen is a little champ.  He has been on a nebulizer this week for some wheezing which the doctor wanted to knock out of his system before going in for surgery.  I was worried about our oh so stubborn 18 month old who has taken a new habit of biting still objects if they don’t cooperate the way he wants them to.  I wasn’t sure how we’d get him to sit still for a 20 minute nebulizer treatment while something is strapped to his face.

Surprisingly though, he just sits there perfectly still not touching it or even moving.  It bothers Ryan far more than it bothers Owen.

Ryan:  “Momma.”
Mommy:  “Yes, Ryan?”
Ryan:  “Momma, O-wee doesn’t like that.  He done now.”
Mommy:  “No, Ryan.  O-wee doesn’t mind it at all.  O-wee is being a very good boy.  It doesn’t hurt him.  He’s just breathing air.”
Ryan:  “No momma.  It hurt O-wee.  O-wee don’t like it.  He tell me.  He done now.”
Mommy:  “Just a few more minutes buddy and we’ll take it off.”
Ryan (with a VERY concerned look):  “O-tay momma.”

We’re on our third day of “breathing” and even Ryan has adjusted to it.  He helps get it all ready for Owen and carts the little machine around while we set it up.

Now the eye drops…. a completely different story.  Owen screams at the top of his lungs when he sees those drops coming toward him.  He hates it.  And it’s awesome because we have 5 or more days left to do them.  Super.

Ryan on the other hand will voluntarily lay down and ask for eye drops so that he can have a lollipop.  That conversation goes like this:

Ryan:  “Momma.  I lay down and get eye drops.  I no cry.”
Mommy:  “Ryan, you don’t need eye drops.  Only O-wee does.”
Ryan:  “But momma.  I need eye drops too.  I no cry.  I get a lollipop.  Yah, I do.  I don’t cry and I get a lollipop.”
Mommy:  “Ryan, you can’t have eye drops.”
Ryan:  “Oh, but I still get lollipop??”
Mommy:  “No, no lollipops.  You bounce off the walls after a lollipop and it’s almost bedtime.”
Ryan:  “Momma.  I don’t bounce on walls.”

Mommy and daddy are tired, stressed and beyond worried.  We’re confident everything will be just fine, but it’s never easy to have to bring your baby in for any type of surgery.  Regardless of the situation.  It’s hard to do and hard to not think about it non-stop and worry about all those risks that are presented to you.  I am very excited for this surgery to be done and over and for Owen’s eyes to be corrected and for them to not bother him anymore.  He is such an awesome little guy and so full of spunk and energy.  He truly is a gift.  So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.   We love our little O-wee oh so much!!

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