Do We Like the Cold?

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When the weather is cold in Atlanta everyone (and I mean everyone) will make comments like these:

“You’re from MN/WI.  You must love this cold weather!”

“I bet you love this snow!”

“Doesn’t this cold weather make you miss MN/WI?”

“I bet you enjoy winter weather like this!”

My responses are typically something like this:


And that response is applicable to all the above cold weather related questions. There is no hesitation in my voice when I respond either.

Seriously Atlanta friends.  Would you miss cold weather like this if you left it?  I mean, I did leave it after all.  If I loved it sooooo much, don’t you think I would still be living there?  I hate this cold weather.  There isn’t anything fun about scraping your car windows in the morning.  Or having to heat up your car just so you can tolerate sitting on the leather seats.  Or having to bundle up in multiple layers of clothing just so you can walk to/from your car into the store, office, daycare, etc.

I can’t think of one fun reason to have cold weather.

I do love the snow if it’s like the snow we had last Friday (did you read this post?).  That was awesome.  But that is very, very rare here in Atlanta.  Normally, if/when we get any snow it’s icy and gross.  It’s not white and fluffy and good snowman making snow.  But last Friday…. it was awesome.  We really did enjoy it.  Well, that is we enjoyed it between bouts of screaming because Owen couldn’t pick up the snow with his mittens.  Then he’d take them off and scream because the snow was cold to touch.  Oh, and then he’d scream because he was afraid to walk in it.  And then he’d scream because I would pick him up to carry him and he really did want to be standing in the snow.  Oh, and don’t forget screaming because he wouldn’t move.  And then screaming even harder when I brought him in the house thinking he just flat out hated the snow.

Besides all that screaming, we really did enjoy the snow last week.

But I digress.  I may have been happy and excited with last week’s random snow we received.  But really, when is down right cold weather ever fun?

I may talk about missing MN and would love to be there more often, but when was the last time I made a trip home in the winter??  It’s cold there.  And yes, if we lived there again I would suck it up and semi-enjoy the winters, but for now, while living in Atlanta, there isn’t a single part of me that wants cold weather.  And I feel very confident saying Jim feels the same.  He actually whines and complains about the cold far more than I do.

So bring on Spring in the south!  I’m ready for green grass, buds on the trees and blooming flowers.  I cannot wait!

And now, I must remove myself from my snuggie to go turn on my electric blanket so it’s cozy warm when I head to bed.

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