Lollipop Love

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Lollipop love and a few tears from Ryan.  I’m not sure why he was crying.  I don’t think he knew why he was crying.  So I took pictures.  Mom of the year award coming my way…. I know, I know.  But seriously. Crying when presented with a lollipop?

So, so sad Ryan

Why the tears?

Owen just sat there watching Ryan cry while loving his lollipop. Seriously thrilled to have one.


Open wide O-wee!

This is delicious!

Don't get sticky!

When Ryan finally realized that crying wasn’t worth it, he too enjoyed his lollipop from Grandma Marge.  And Delta?  Well, Delta was just thrilled to be able to hang out in the toy room with the family.

Why was I crying? This is GOOD!

Brother Love

Delta just chilling

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