Are We In MN? WI? CO?

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Nope, we are in Georgia!  You would never believe it with all the snow we have on the ground and how winter-like it is out there today.  The snow that started around 1:30pm on Friday was coming down in huge wet flakes and it instantly coated the trees and ground.  It was so beautiful and made me miss living somewhere where we’d see this type of snow more than once every five years!

The snow that we typically get isn’t what I would consider real snow.  It’s icy and icky and more of an inconvenience.  And it typically just barely covers the ground and trees.

This snow is gorgeous!  It’s white and fluffy and sticky and made for a GREAT snowman yesterday.  We got home from school early and ran right out to play in it.  Ryan loved it.  Owen wasn’t so sure about it.  He cried every time he stepped.  He cried when he touched it.  So I brought him in the house to get out of it and he absolutely screamed at the top of his lungs.  He wanted to go back out!! So I guess he did really like it, but just wasn’t sure what it was.

Even Delta had some outdoor fun and played in the snow.  She wore her jacket too and was so proud.

We have another fun day planned with a birthday party this morning and then after naps I’m hoping to head out to play in the snow some more.  How fun and unexpected!

Enjoy some more Georgia snow……

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  1. What’s with the crazy weather this winter? We’re already 9″ over average for snowfall this year. It certainly looks like Mother Nature is sharing the wealth of the fluffy white stuff!

  2. jeaner, these pics are amazing!! how great for your punkins:)


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